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Only Sardinia remains from Europe: the rest of the countries are recognized as "dangerous for tourism"
22 November 2021, 13:36
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Only Sardinia remains from Europe: the rest of the countries are recognized as "dangerous for tourism"
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Fourth wave of coronavirus closes European continent again for tourists

As you know, a new wave of coronavirus is raging not only in Russia, but has already covered most of Europe. According to the European Union Health Agency, the "dark red", that is, the most dangerous zone for infection with covid, includes today Iceland, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia , Estonia, Lithuania and half of Germany, half of Romania and half of Norway. Over the past two weeks, more than 500 cases of COVID-19 infection per 100 thousand people have been identified in these countries.

The highest incidence rate for the last day was revealed: in Germany - 65.371 cases, in the Netherlands - 20.829 and in the Czech Republic - 14.119. This means that Europe is once again at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

This upward trend in infections occurs across all ages and groups, but the rapid rise in infections among older people remains of greatest concern.

In this regard, the EU Health Agency warns tourists against traveling, and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control has issued a special map, which indicates especially dangerous areas, where people who are unvaccinated or do not have sufficient antibodies are strongly advised not to go on tourist trips.

“If we stay on this trajectory, then by February 1, 2022 we will see another half a million deaths in Europe and Central Asia from covid, and 43 countries in our region will face extreme pressures on the healthcare sector and will experience a shortage of hospital beds,” experts warn. ...

In addition to these countries, an increase in incidence is also noted in Sweden, Finland, France and Italy, although the situation in these countries remains manageable compared to countries in the "dark red" zone.

It is curious that the only tourist region included in the "green" zone today is the Italian island of Sardinia: this region is the safest place to travel.