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The conversation of the British minister with the pranksters is discussed at the NATO summit in Brussels
24 March, 14:27
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The conversation of the British minister with the pranksters is discussed at the NATO summit in Brussels
Photo: 9111.ru
In the West, a scandal erupted due to the fact that British Defense Minister Ben Wallace fell victim to Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus. In a conversation, he told them so much that Brussels decided to discuss the issue of "information leakage" at today's NATO summit, which is attended by US President Joe Biden.

According to The Daily Mail , the video posted on YouTube , where Ben Wallace allegedly confides with the fake Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, is a Kremlin-fabricated scam. However, the whole world has already watched the 22-minute video of the British general's conversation with Vovan and Lexus.

By the way, the head of the defense department did not know what his interlocutor looked like. So he didn't even know who he was talking to.

The British Ministry of Defense had already demanded that the video be removed from YouTube even before the full version was released. But it was not there - hundreds of thousands of views! As it turned out, patriotic netizens were most outraged by Wallace's words about the "stock depletion" in the United Kingdom of anti-tank installations, since "the British authorities sent a large amount of this type of weapon to Ukraine".

One of the pranksters, under the guise of Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmygal, told Wallace: “We in Ukraine would like to continue the nuclear program in order to protect against Russia”.

The defense minister hesitated a bit and said that Moscow would probably not like it: “But our principle is to support Ukraine as a friend in any choice you make”.

During the conversation, Wallace frankly said that London is interested in joining Kiev to NATO, therefore, over the past years, the British government has sent military instructors to Ukraine so that the country "enters a new stage in the fight against the Russians".

Ben Wallace also expressed a clear dismissive attitude towards the role of France and Germany in the Minsk process. “I understand that President Zelensky really wants to see the UK along with Ukraine in these negotiations because of the experience that we do not have, but because of the bad experience of the Minsk agreements, where there were only France and Germany”, - Wallace said during the conversation.

A surge of indignation was caused by the minister's words about British mercenaries fighting in Ukraine. He called them "idiots" and "losers". Wallace, in particular, commented on the sensational interview of the British mercenary Jake Pride from Cardiff, who himself escaped from near Kiev, and convinced 20 other volunteers to refuse contracts.

"I can't be held responsible for the idiots who give interviews to the media", - Wallace stated.

At some point, according to The Daily Mail, the minister told callers that he was hesitant to answer specific strategic questions because "the Russians might hear." And after the interview, when he was exposed, the general said that Putin himself was in charge of the prank. “They are not jokers, they are run by the Russian state,” Wallace said.

Reuters reported that an investigation had been launched in London to find out why the people who called the Secretary of Defense had not been properly vetted.

According to Izvestia, the negotiations between the false Shmyhal and Wallace were organized in just a couple of days. Communication with the Minister of the Interior Priti Patel also helped, who during the call did not suspect anything was wrong.

“We convinced his secretariat, the officials set up a call, and the minister was completely sure who wanted to talk to Wallace. In the British press they write that Patel was very angry with his office, that everything happened because of them. He promised to create some word with them, which the English press covered with asterisks, ”the pranksters explained to reporters.

Wallace himself did not have to be convinced; he usually interacts only with the top leaders of Ukraine.