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The culprit in the distribution of the "Squid Game" sentenced to be shot in North Korea
24 November 2021, 19:16
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The culprit in the distribution of the "Squid Game" sentenced to be shot in North Korea
Photo: Netflix
Seven senior pupils were caught in the country watching a Netflix TV show. The man who imported copies and sold them was sentenced to death.

Despite attempts by the authorities to ban foreign influences, the Squid Game appeared and began to circulate in North Korea, Radio Free Asia reported.

It was smuggled in flash drives and SD-cards from China. The authorities managed to figure out a group of high school students who watched the show. A schoolboy who acquired a forbidden disk was sentenced to life imprisonment. Six of his companions in viewing - to five years of hard labor. Teachers and representatives of the administration of the school where the caught were studied, according to the source, were fired and expelled from the party, they are threatened with expulsion to work in mines or remote rural areas. The smuggler was sentenced to death, the sentence will be carried out by a firing squad. The capture was carried out by fighters from a government strike group that specializes in detecting people watching illegal videos. The team is officially called Monitoring Bureau Group 109.

The arrest of seven schoolchildren is the first time that the new law "On the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture" has been applied in practice against minors. A law passed last year provides for the maximum death penalty for viewing, storing or distributing media from capitalist countries, especially South Korea and the United States.