Donald Trump stated that he gives his annual salary to the needs of the United States
25 May , 13:12
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US President Donald Trump said he was ready to abandon his annual salary and give it to the needs of the country. According to the calculations of the American leader, the amount will be $ 400-450 thousand.

The president of the USA wrote in his Twitter that he had already previously returned his salaries to the government.

- I give now and I gave my entire annual salary about $ 400 thousand to $ 450 thousand back to our government from the very beginning. The last check was issued by the US Department of Health to help combat COVID-19. It’s a great honor for me, - Trump said.

With this post, the president commented on the publication in which White House spokeswoman Kaylee Mackinani shows the same $ 100,000 check that Trump donated to the Ministry of Health.

Recall that the United States is ahead of other states in the number of coronavirus infected. The country identified more than 1.6 million cases of COVID-19. More than 97 thousand Americans died from the infection.

Note that it is the coronavirus pandemic that can cause Trump's failure in the upcoming presidential election this year. According to the forecast of the research company Oxford Economics, Trump may lose the vote due to problems in the national economy caused by the epidemic.