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Pandemic will help you! China's richest man gathered wealth on water and vaccines
25 September 2020, 18:42
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Pandemic will help you! China's richest man gathered wealth on water and vaccines
Chinese billionaire Zhong Shanshan, who owns bottled water and vaccine factories, tops the list of the richest people in his country.

While the pandemic is literally devastating millions of people around the world, for some, it brings in fabulous profits. Like the Chinese billionaire Zhong Shanshan, who made a fortune in the production of bottled water and vaccines. He is now the richest man in his country and second in Asia, overtaking Alibaba founder Jack Ma.

The new leader's assets are estimated at $ 58.7 billion, while the richest man in Asia, Indian citizen Mukesh Ambani, has $ 85.2 billion. However, on a global scale, Chinese billionaire Zhong Shanshan occupies only 17th place in the Billionaires Index, in which the founder of the online retailer Amazon, American Jeff Bezos, with $ 178 billion, Finanz.ru reports, citing TASS news agency.

Interestingly, it was this year that Zhong Shanshan became rich by as much as $ 51.9 billion - only Elon Musk and the same Jeff Bezos, whose assets grew by $ 65.6 and 62.9 billion, were the fastest growing in the world. respectively. And all this is due to the initial public offering of shares of two of its companies: bottled water production - Nongfu Spring, and pharmaceutical - Beijing Wanta i Biological Pharmacy Enterprise.

For example, only the growth of Nongfu Spring on the very first day of trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in early September will be 85%! Needless to say, the entry into the Shanghai Stock Exchange of the Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise in April at the height of the pandemic, which produces vaccines and test systems, including for the determination of coronavirus, was also accompanied by great success.