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Residents of the Netherlands massively protest against curfew
26 January 2021, 15:22
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Residents of the Netherlands massively protest against curfew
Photo: https://nos.nl
Riots began in the Netherlands due to restrictions imposed in connection with the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, a wave of protests swept across Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam. Also, activists took to the streets in Zwolle, Breda, Tilburg and some other cities.

As NOS clarifies, during the protest actions, one and a half hundred people were detained.

Moreover, the protesters behaved quite aggressively - they threw firecrackers and stones at the police. It is noted that there were also cases of looting. Law enforcement officers in some cities had to use tear gas.

Previously, police used batons, water cannons and tear gas during the dispersal of demonstrators in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

It's worth reminding that at the end of last year, a massive protest against the tightening of quarantine measures in the UK took place in London. It is noteworthy that videos from this event, where, as it turns out, for five minutes protesters sang the anthem "against the new world order" at the top of their lungs, only now began to actively surface on the Internet.