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Trump's intrigue: aliens do arrive, the US president is aknowledged about it
26 June 2020, 23:48
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Trump's intrigue: aliens do arrive, the US president is aknowledged about it
The other day, US President Donald Trump gave a twenty-minute interview at the White House to his son Donald Trump Jr. The conversation was timed to coincide with Father's Day (June 21). Among others, the question of the existence of UFOs was raised.

Kristina Zabirova

Trump's answer sounded very intriguing, and the expression on the face of the American leader was significant.

We give a translation of this part of the conversation.

Trump Jr.: Before you leave your post, will you tell us about whether there are aliens? This is the only thing that really really interests me. I want to know what is going on. There was a story in Roswell (a speech about the so-called “Roswell incident” of 1947, one of the most famous incidents considered as the detection of unidentified flying objects - note of “NI”), will you disclose this information? I want to know what really happened there.


Donald Trump: So many people ask me this question...

Trump Jr.: I understand that this sounds ridiculous, but it's really what interests me.

Donald Trump: This is a cool question... In fact, there are millions, millions of people who want to get there, see everything with their own eyes ... I will not talk about what I know. But it is very interesting. Roswell is a very interesting place that attracts so many.

Trump Jr.: So, you say that you could one day declassify it?

Donald Trump: Well, well, I have to think about it. Gotta think about it...

You can watch the whole interview on Donald Trump's YouTube channel.

Один из знаменитых кадров 1947 года, на котором изображён "Розуэлльский" пришелец.
Photo: https://naked-science.ru/article/sci/rozuellskiy-incident-pravda-i

The popular blogger and journalist Vlad Freedom, whose videos are intended for the so-called “awakened” - people who seek to read between the lines, questioning the veracity of the familiar picture of the world, noted in his new video that Trump’s son not without the purpose informed his audience on Twitter that he asked his father a question about aliens: so he fueled the interest in this topic.

“This question, as well as the answer to it, is a planned action. The public is preparing to disclose information about aliens, extraterrestrial technologies and secret space programs that have been around for decades. And Roswell is the first sign in this direction”, - says Vlad Freedom.

Фрагмент из ролика Vlad Freedom "Раскрытие информации", 25 июня, 2020.

Let us recall that in December 2012, Dmitry Medvedev, who at that time held the post of Prime Minister of Russia, made a sensational statement about aliens.

After an interview that Medvedev gave to federal channels, he separately talked with journalist Marianna Maksimovskaya, who then worked for REN-TV.

Рассказывая об инопланетянах, Дмитрий Медведев был предельно серьёзен, поэтому в комментариях к сообщениям об этом эпизоде многие люди писали примерно в таком духе: хочешь спрятать - прячь на самом видном месте, а лучший способ замаскировать правду - выдать её за шутку, сделав серьёзное лицо.

Answering her question about whether aliens exist, Dmitry Medvedev said the following:

“I am telling you for the first and last time. Together with the transfer of the suitcase with nuclear codes, a special folder is brought to the President of the country.

It is written there: "Top Secret". And it is entirely dedicated to the aliens who visited our planet.

At the same time, a report of an absolutely closed intelligence service is provided, which is involved in controlling the arrival of aliens in our country. So, these two folders are transferred along with the nuclear suitcase.

After the termination of powers, respectively, these folders are transferred to the new president.

You can get more detailed information on this topic by watching the famous chronicle-documentary film "Men in Black", several versions have been released.

I won’t tell you how many of them are among us, because it can cause a panic”.