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Biden called Russia the main threat to the United States
26 October 2020, 09:33
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Biden called Russia the main threat to the United States
Photo: inquirer.com
Russia poses for the United States the most important threat in the international arena, and China is their main competitor, says the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Biden said this on the air of the CBS television channel.

"I believe that at the moment the greatest threat in terms of undermining our security and alliances is Russia. Secondly, I believe that China is the biggest competitor", - said the candidate for American leadership.

According to Biden, the approach Washington takes will determine whether the countries "will continue to compete, or it will develop into more serious rivalry in terms of the balance of power".

Let us recall that the current US President Donald Trump accused Biden of receiving $ 3.5 million from Russia "through Putin." In an interview, Biden pointed out that intelligence agencies warned Trump that "the Russians are feeding disinformation" to his former lawyer.

Note that after the final round of the debate between Trump and Biden, Trump did not receive the expected victory, but this did not happen, and the gap between the rivals narrowed even more - the result of the debate turned out to be almost a draw. This situation works for Biden.

We will remind that the presidential elections in the United States will be held on November 3.