More than 30 thousand people are suspected in the pedophilia case in Germany
29 June , 16:39
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In the case of pedophilia, investigated in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, there were more than 30 thousand suspects.

It is reported by Interfax, referring to the Minister of Justice of the region Peter Biesenbach.

The head of the department pointed out that we are talking about distribution on the Internet and the storage of child pornography. In addition, there are cases of specific cases of violence against minors. Suspects exchange this information on forums and in instant messengers.

“At relevant forums, criminals see child abuse as the“ norm ”and have a huge group of like-minded people”, - said local prosecutor Marcus Hartmann.

On July 1, a group will begin working in the Ministry of Justice of the federal state, which will investigate cases of pedophilia on the network and crimes related to hacking and cyber terrorism.

Recall that the Commissioner for Children’s Rights under the President of Russia, Anna Kuznetsova, stated that it was necessary to create a “register of pedophiles” in the country. This must be done in order, the Ombudsman said, in order to be able to monitor them even after serving the sentence. In addition, she suggested obliging convicts for such crimes to wear electronic bracelets that would track movement.