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NATO declared the right of the alliance to strengthen the eastern flanks
30 May, 16:50
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NATO declared the right of the alliance to strengthen the eastern flanks
Photo: Википедия
NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana gave an interview to the AFP agency, in which he declared the alliance's "right" to strengthen the eastern flank due to Russia's "cancellation" of the Founding Act, concluded 25 years ago.

During the interview, Geoanė noted that the alliance is no longer bound by obligations to Moscow not to deploy forces in Eastern Europe. He referred to the Russia-NATO Founding Act, one of the clauses of which refers to the "prevention of any concentration of conventional forces", especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

According to the French publication BFMTV , in an interview, NATO Deputy Secretary General believes that by launching the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Moscow "annulled the content of the Founding Act", noting that the treaty "simply does not work because of Russia." Moscow was supposed to "prevent attacks on its neighbors and hold regular consultations with the alliance," he notes. According to Joana, in this way NATO no longer has "any restrictions" to strengthen positions on the eastern flank.

The Founding Act was concluded between Russia and NATO in 1997. The document also assumes non-expansion of the alliance in the eastern direction. In particular, the Russian delegation referred to this point during the talks in January. The State Department said it was impossible to return the alliance within the boundaries of 25 years ago, noting that this means the exclusion of accepted members.