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Hypocrisy and greed: the Islamic world calls for a boycott of France, but is silent about China
30 October 2020, 16:28
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Hypocrisy and greed: the Islamic world calls for a boycott of France, but is silent about China
The Chinese authorities have long and severely oppressed the Uyghur Muslim minority, but the leaders of Muslim countries do not declare a boycott of China.

An important question in connection with the reactions of the Islamic world to the statements of the President of France was asked by the journalist Igor Eidman:

“Macron condemned the murder of a teacher who showed anti-Islamic cartoons to schoolchildren and declared the legality of such publications. Erdogan, Kadyrov, many more politicians and "spiritual leaders" subjected him to the most severe criticism, turning into open-air abuse. In the Islamic world, calls for a boycott of France are growing.

Xi Jinping has effectively destroyed Islam in Xinjiang for many years. Thousands of Muslims are thrown into concentration camps for their faith, where they are humiliated and beaten. And in the wild, they are under total surveillance in the Orwellian style.

But there are no massive protests against Xi's policies in the Muslim world. Heads of state do not curse him, his portraits are not burned in the streets.

Are cartoons more important than brutal repression of fellow believers? No, it's just easy to bark at the weak liberal Macron. And try to touch the cruel dictator of powerful China. The leaders of states prefer to be friends with him.

Again hypocrisy and self-interest. Religion is a screen behind which politics and business..."

Blog readers shared the author's pathos:

- China in the modern world generally enjoys some kind of unprecedented "credit of trust" - it does what it wants and gets away with everything. With all his concentration camps, social ratings, total surveillance and other experiments on society. Only few people understand this, and the "advanced Chinese experience" is rapidly spreading around the world...

- I used to think that Russia is the main axis of anti-human evil in the world. But for some time I began to realize that China in terms of the scale and quality of anti-human crime will probably be even more vile than Russia.

- It's like the Russian state loves to fight against the oppression of Russian speakers and for the love of the Russian language in European countries, but turns a blind eye if problems arise in Central Asia. It's like the EU and the US impose sanctions on Russian citizens, but do not impose sanctions on Chinese citizens.