Posted 8 июня 2020,, 14:30

Published 8 июня 2020,, 14:30

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Freedom at the entrance: Authorities will cancel passes, walking schedules and self-isolation in Moscow strating from June 9

Freedom at the entrance: Authorities will cancel passes, walking schedules and self-isolation in Moscow strating from June 9

8 июня 2020, 14:30
During a remote meeting of the Public Chamber of Moscow, its chairman Konstantin Remchukov said that the regime of self-isolation and digital passes with QR-codes will be canceled in Moscow tomorrow, June 9. The schedule of walks for the citizens will be canceled as well.

These restrictions were introduced earlier due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

“Already tomorrow, June 9, self-isolation and access control are canceled, and the schedule of walks is canceled with them. Cafes will open on June 16, summer verandas”, TASS quoted the words of Konstantin Remchukov. Later, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin confirmed this information. Also from tomorrow in Moscow hairdressing salons, beauty salons and a photo studio will start working. The masquerade regime in the city is maintained.

Last Friday, Sergei Sobyanin said that despite the opening of non-food stores last week and the permission for walks for citizens in the capital, there is still a positive trend in the situation with coronavirus, which may allow radical decisions to be lifted next week.

Earlier, Sergei Sobyanin promised to abolish most of the restrictions that were introduced in the capital to prevent the spread of coronavirus, only by July 1. Also, the Moscow mayor made a statement that the citizens will have to wear masks without fail until the start of mass vaccination against coronavirus, and this should happen according to the most optimistic forecasts no earlier than mid-October.

According to the telegram channel "Moscow Now" (Moskva seychas) from June 9, social cards will also earn, beneficiaries will again be able to travel for free in public transport . Veterinary clinics and employment agencies will open , restrictions for car sharing, public organizations, film studios, recording studios and research institutes will be lifted, theaters, concert organizations and circuses can hold rehearsals. You can also visit the cemeteries again. Starting June 16, not only summer verandas of cafes and restaurants, but also dental clinics will start operating, libraries, real estate offices, rental services, advertising, consulting and other agencies will resume work, and museums, exhibition halls, and zoos will open. From June 23, all other cafes and restaurants, fitness clubs and swimming pools open, restrictions on the operation of kindergartens and the use of street swings, exercise machines, benches are lifted, social protection institutions will return to normal operation, passenger navigation on the Moscow River will resume.

"In fact, Moscow is returning to its normal rhythm of life. All the main restrictions - subject to maintaining epidemiological safety and taking into account sanitary measures - will be removed in June," Sergei Sobyanin wrote on his blog.

The situation with coronavirus in Moscow, however, despite the positive dynamics, continues to be difficult. COVID-19 for all time was detected in 197 thousand residents of the city, including 2001 people over the past day. 104 thousand people recovered, including 1,633 over the past day, 2,970 people died, including 51 over the past day, RBC reports.