Posted 21 июня 2020,, 20:56

Published 21 июня 2020,, 20:56

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Muscovites about the flood: "Sobyanin is rehearsing a naval parade!" (video)

Muscovites about the flood: "Sobyanin is rehearsing a naval parade!" (video)

21 июня 2020, 20:56
Residents of the capital are not even surprised that the mayor of Moscow did not bother to solve the storm sewer problem while the metropolis is being randomly built up with thousands of new houses and neighborhoods.

Photos or video of yesterday's monstrous flood in Moscow can be seen on almost any blog of any Muscovite.

But here’s a purely Russian paradox: residents of the capital prefer to joke about this rather than protest, demand, file lawsuits against the Moscow government. All Muscovites have “purely rhetorical” questions for the authorities, as the public “Blue Buckets” writes about this:

“People are swimming at the Biryulevo-Tovarnaya platform. Water waist-high naturally! You can not go to the sea, the sea itself came to Moscow.

But seriously, why does Moscow drown after every rain, even if it is strong? For the umpteenth time! Is this not the primary task for the mayor of the city, which must be solved the sooner the better? After all, wastewater is not rockets launched into space; Elon Musk is not needed. The principle of the sewage system has been known since time immemorial. So what's the matter? ... (rhetorical question, of course)...

The underpass on the Warsaw highway is completely in the water. This you have not seen before!!!

When people joked in the comments yesterday that there was clearly not enough watering in the streets during the next flood that became usual because of the “leaf-clogged” (!!!) storm sewer, we thought it was a joke. It turned out that this is not a joke. It's true!

In general, NOW YOU SEE EVERYTHING! Moscow communal services have truly struck bottom to bottom!.."

To match the comments of Muscovites:

“I offer a great idea.” Fully cement the stormwater, or just wait a little while until they themselves are cemented. Turn the streets into canals. To buy and launch in the canals of Moscow a lot of colorful fish at the expense of the budget. To make it beautiful. Preferably marine. Every season to buy new ones. Introduce fish feed tax. Also, forcibly, to force residents and guests of the capital to buy boats and related products. To write out from Venice magnificent gondolas and high-speed boats with flashing lights, for the servants of the people. At the expense of the owners, of course, who must provide their servants with everything necessary. Well, a cherry on the cake - it will be possible to hold naval parades. Well, and, of course, headed by Galer with Vladimir Vladimirovich. Finally, it will not become a metaphor, but a reality! It will look much more spectacular than a parade of tank troops. Be optimistic - not everything is so bad, While you can make it worse!

- In a civilized country, retirement and prison would have shone for such improvement, but in a country of a nullified vertical, there is nothing to be afraid of pests. How prettier Moscow was under Sobyanin, the direct water resort became.

- Now adherents of pedal boats will run in and tell how they swim from Novogireev to Degunino in 40 minutes and that the yards are without cars and with marinas ...

- I saw this somewhere in the summer of 2012 on Nametkina Street near the main office of Gazprom. Then after the flood, conversations began that bad storms were in Moscow. As a result, for 8 years they have not changed anything.

- “Where are you going to get away from the submarine!” - Sergey Sobyanin answered in response to the request of metro passengers to let them out of the ground ...

Let’s add on our own: the absence of a normal stormwater drain does not prevent the city’s authorities from spending trillions of rubles on sealing buildings called “renovation”.