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Published 22 июля 2020,, 09:00

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In a flood of promises: what do the inhabitants of Ruza expect and receive from their authorities

In a flood of promises: what do the inhabitants of Ruza expect and receive from their authorities

22 июля 2020, 09:00
On July 9, in Ruza near Moscow, a gigantic stream of water from the Gorodyanka River washed away brick garages, wooden houses, dozens of vegetable gardens and even two roads in a matter of minutes. NI decided to check how the local authorities help people cope with their grief, 13 days after the tragedy.

Oleg Goryunov

The first thing that catches your eye when you appear at the site of the flood is that dozens of road workers in a hurry make gutters along the newly laid road. The bosses even drove the hard workers into the water of the Gorodyanka River - try shaking your driver's license when you are a guest worker.

Dialogue with a local resident:

- Were the drains here before?

- No, never!

Never... Then where did the project of the road with gutters come from after the emergency? It seems that this project has long been on the table for some of the officials, but somehow everyone didn’t get it.

There has never been a normal road in this forgotten area of Ruza. Only pits and potholes...

It is not by chance that we called several parts of the road fake. Around the place of emergency they hastily laid asphalt - beautiful, black, but ... they forgot to roll it, and the new roadbed under the rays of the hot July sun melts like butter.

Nikolay Mikhailovich Sutyagin - one of the victims of the flood that hit his land:

- Half of my garden was washed away, we were promised compensation of 300 thousand, and now they say: 150... I do not know how much they will pay, they have not paid anything yet. Maybe they'll share the money again, and give 75 thousand, or maybe they won't give anything.

Galina Zhuk also washed away the garden and the utility block, and she, like Nikolay Mikhailovich, is promised to pay 150 thousand rubles, and not 300, as all the official media of the Moscow region announced, and not only.

- Why will they pay us 150 thousand, and not three hundred? My neighbor and I have one house for two, while we are not relatives, here for many people it is like that - the house is decorated in equal shares, so the authorities divided the amount of compensation for damage from the flood by two. Do you think this is fair? Apart from the garden, my utility block was washed away, and there was a lawn mower, another expensive tool that my son kept here - that is, apart from the utility block itself, there were all sorts of tools for 100 thousand, but who will reckon with this? Washed and washed away!..

At the very edge of the Gorodyanka River in Ruza, the poor have always lived - well, who else would dare to build near the water? Those who are richer have always settled higher. So the disaster struck (the fact that it was an element - not a fact - approx. By the author of the article) on the most unprotected layers of the urban settlement. These people do not have the money for lawyers to challenge the decision of the authorities, and they don’t have the strength to fight for justice. Most of the victims are elderly people.

Neither the house nor the garden of Maria Ivanovna was damaged, she herself suffers from the road that runs in millimeters from her fence:

- How much we ask to make one-way traffic for us - well, it's cramped for two cars on this road, cramped! And the footpaths along the highway, where are they? There are none! They only promise us to do them, they have long promised. And where to make them? Does the road run along the very edge of the cliff into the Gorodyanka river? Nevermind, the bosses promise anyway. To promise - it is not the same as to roll the bags (the pensioner laughs - the author's note).

That there are footpaths and a narrow road! The other day Marina Ivanovna buried her father - a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, who did not wait for an apartment with all the amenities that his daughter knocked him out. An elderly woman now looks at everything that happens around with a bitter smile:

Do you see how THESE are fussed after the flood? This is how my cat behaves when he made shit, but how can I live without him, how we'll live without them? We have mayors change almost every year, so what about these mayors? We may demand anything from them like from a cat... (laughs - author's note)

Yes, without a sense of humor a Russian person in the Moscow region, in Ruza, in any case, cannot survive, in any way.

Here is a man whose water washed away his garden and tore a metal fence, smiling and saying that everything is fine:

- They promised me 300 thousand.

- Is that enough for you?

- Fine!

- What's fine?

- Everything is fine!

We did not dare to knock on the house of a man's neighbor whose "everything is fine": from the windows, it seemed to us, the drunken voices of the owners were heard - they were sorting out the relationship. "Finding out the relationship in the house, whose foundation" floated "is also our way.

Perhaps this house should have been propped up with at least something - people live there, and what if it collapses? Perhaps, the authorities should have strengthened the foundation of this house in the first place - before the road is repaired, perhaps, but this is not the case. Most likely, someone did not order this, someone did not think about it, someone did not allocate money ...

But what is now known for sure is that the breakthrough of two dams, which kept part of Ruza from flooding, was not the work of the elements, but the work of human hands, more precisely, bureaucrats - this is already the property of publicity.

The head of the Ruzsky district, Nikolai Parkhomenko, said in an interview to the "360" TV channel, quote:

- At a certain moment, when we realized that the residents were taken out of the affected area, we ourselves cut the dam to let the water go . If we hadn't done this, water could have rushed into the city. Therefore, we calculated the smallest impact of the elements and - most importantly - we saved human lives. There are no injured or dead ".

The bold decision of the mayor with the revolutionary surname Parkhomenko did not raise any questions from anyone - well, the official decided that it would be better that way, and okay.

Is it okay that as a result of "decisive actions" of the head of the Ruzsky district, five houses were washed away, 60 household plots and buildings were flooded, and four roads were damaged, two of them were completely destroyed?

It’s interesting: multi-million dollar expenses - compensation payments, repair and construction of roads, reconstruction of dams (two dams were broken - author's note) - who will pay for this, - Nikolai Parkhomenko?

Svetlana Anikina and Sergey Kozlov are a husband and a wife, they just have different surnames.

The officials estimated the damage to the Anikina-Kozlov family at 500 thousand rubles ... At the same time, Svetlana almost proudly shows us the newspaper in which they wrote about them.

In the same newspaper Krasnoe Znamya (Red Banner) there is a small note, but very valuable for all people who suffered in Ruza:

Deputy Governor of the Moscow Region Igor Treskov in a newspaper article promises to pay two million rubles each to those who lost their homes.

Of course, you can find fault with this promise from the linguistic side: after all, from the point of view of the Russian language, the official promises money only to those who have lost their homes - that is, if you had only one house, and not several, you will not get anything. What can we say about the people who owned it, like Nikolai Mikhailovich, like Galina Zhuk, and how, finally, the Anikin-Kozlov family has only 1/4 of the house?

“My neighbor Ilya and I had a house decorated in shares - he has 3/4, we have - 1/4. He is promised 1.5 million rubles, but we are only 500 thousand...", - said in an interview with "NI" Sergey Kozlov.

Tatyana and her husband had three fences washed away at once, which protected their site from uninvited guests. The authorities promised to compensate this family only 150 thousand rubles, and Tatyana says that only the patterned gates cost 100 thousand rubles...


Not a single person received a dime even on the 13th day after the flood. Local authorities have ALREADY paid 2,000,000 rubles for the examination of the material damage caused to people. Nobody even plans to pay for the moral damage to the residents of Ruza.