Posted 11 сентября 2020,, 10:01

Published 11 сентября 2020,, 10:01

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Night robbery: Moscow authorities destroyed trolleybuses and set to the wires

Night robbery: Moscow authorities destroyed trolleybuses and set to the wires

11 сентября 2020, 10:01
Mosgortrans is in full swing dismantling the world's largest trolleybus network, recruiting unskilled workers from Avito site.
Moscow region

Popular Moscow blogger Georgy Krasnikov drew attention to the new episode of the film "Sobyanin Destroys Trolleybuses!"

As you know, the last routes of this beloved form of transport by Muscovites were closed on 25 August, leaving only a few hundred kilometers of the overhead network throughout the city - and it is reputed to be the longest in the world. So, for some secret reason, Sobyanin hates trolleybuses so much that in order to exclude their revival in principle, he began secretly destroying the network itself. But she, the blogger emphasizes, is on the balance sheet of the city, and Moscow taxpayers paid for its installation. Therefore, in order to destroy it, firstly, according to the law, it is supposed to write off its residual value, and that may be quite large, since recently most of it was restored. But we are talking about property worth billions of rubles!

After that, again, according to the law, it is supposed to play a tender, to hire skilled workers who have access to high voltage and high-altitude work. Special equipment is also required. In general, all this is long and painful.

Isn't it better this way: post ads on Avito and recruit the necessary personnel?

The blogger called the ads as if he wanted to get hired. It turned out that one of them was given by Mosgortrans itself: everything is official and the money is white. That is, in order to destroy the largest trolleybus system in the world, this office will increase costs and expand its staff.

Another office turned out to be incomprehensible, with gray money. Obviously, she has some kind of secret ties with Mosgortrans, and it will be incomprehensible people with incomprehensible qualifications that disconnect expensive urban, moreover, dangerous property.

And dismantling is already in full swing: both official and third-party teams are operating throughout the city, working quickly, although not completely legally. When an initiative group, which includes assistants to the deputies, came to one of the places, and called the police, it turned out that the workers did not have any documents at all. They just came and started cutting wires. Some person in the video declares about a certain order of the Moscow City Duma about dismantling the entire trolleybus, about meetings with Liksutov, about trade secrets, and he has only one passport.

That is, everything that happens can be interpreted as theft of wires containing a lot of non-ferrous and ferrous metal...

Police officers stopped work, but for how long?

But the trolleybuses could be returned when Sobyanin finally leaves this place; moreover, Liksutov himself has promised many times to leave the contact network for other types of electric buses ...

Alas, soon some of the brigades got a piece of paper issued by the SEH Service of Mosgortrans.

There are many questions to this filkin literacy:

  1. What is this company SK Energetik LLC? Search engines, for example, record that she has tax debts, and no more information - no website, no history, nothing. How did they win the tender?
  2. Where is the tender itself? The site "state purchases" does not report anything about orders for dismantling the trolleybus network!
  3. What is this secret meeting of the Department of Transport dated 09/16/2019, which decided that Energetik could shred the city-owned contact network that was not written off and has a large residual value. In addition, it is not on the balance sheet of "Mosgortrans", and therefore he has no right to dispose of it.

But the biggest problem is that workers simply don't know how to remove wires. What if you are driving a car and will enter them? It’s the cars that catch the sagging wires, but they could be energized.

Further - more, they began to dismantle it already in the daytime, and with violations, so that road accidents began to occur. NOT talking about traffic jams.

"This is already some extreme degree of insanity!" - the blogger writes.

It is also interesting that the removed wires are taken to this illegal warehouse, and no one knows where they go later.

“Here, and not only in the trolleybus, the matter is outright theft and embezzlement, which also pose a danger to citizens. Even if you do not like trolleybuses and want the wires to be removed yourself, where is the guarantee that tomorrow a piece of such a special part will not fall on you or your car?" - the blogger asks.

A detailed photo and video report on the next act of Moscow vandalism is here.