Posted 15 октября 2020,, 15:23

Published 15 октября 2020,, 15:23

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Russian S-400 system was first used against NATO

Russian S-400 system was first used against NATO

15 октября 2020, 15:23
Фото: US Navy/Globallookpress
The United States announced the first real use of Russian S-400 systems against NATO fighters, reports.

According to the information, the incident took place in August 2020 during the Eunomia-2020 martial exercises. At the same time, the United States itself did not take part in the event, but their aircraft were present there as observers.

According to media reports, during the exercises, a conflict occurred between the NATO member countries. "For example, in France they noticed that Turkey lays claims to the largest gas field, which is located in the Aegean Sea and belongs to Greece", - Tsargrad writes. To which Turkey stated that all the maneuvers of NATO partners in the exercises are of an anti-Turkish nature.

Because of the conflict, Turkish air defense systems monitored maneuvers and allegedly carried out a set of measures to prepare a simulated strike on the alliance's planes. "According to a source in the American army, the incident lies in the fact that the targets of the Turkish calculation of the S-400 air defense system have chosen exactly the F-16 of the US Air Force", - the Voyennoye Delo portal reported.

In this regard, American senators demanded from the US Foreign Ministry to obtain detailed information on the work of the operators of the Turkish S-400 air defense systems during Eunomia-2020.