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Sharashka for returnees: what does the historical experience of the USSR show to emigrants
The shortage of engineering personnel in Russia was recognized even by the head of the Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev. The question is already about national security. Nurturing specialists from school is effective, but for a long time. Returning professionals who left Russia is much faster, but ... will it work?
Out of competition: how much do the workers of military factories receive in Russia and abroad
In connection with SMO in Ukraine, a boom in military production began in the world. But not only guns and tanks compete on the battlefield, but also the quality of engineers and workers of military-industrial complex enterprises in Russia and in the West. According to the logic of globalization, their salaries and living standards should be comparable with each other. Is it so?
Декабрь 2022
Ноябрь 2022