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Lavrov promised to prevent the West from "blowing up gas pipelines" again

Lavrov promised to prevent the West from "blowing up gas pipelines" again

3 марта 2023, 08:00
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (pictured) said that Russia will not allow the West to "blow up gas pipelines again" and will refuse to orient its energy policy towards the West in the future.
Nord Stream

Lavrov said this at the Raisina Dialogue conference, writes RBC.

"We asked for an investigation [of the bombings on "North Streams“], and immediately this request was rejected. The Americans called it "nonsense," and when Seymour Hersh published his findings, you saw what the reaction of Europeans and Americans was", - TASS quoted the minister as saying.

It's worth reminding that in February of this year, the Pulitzer Prize winner, American journalist Seymour Hersh published the results of the investigation, in which he pointed out that US military divers and US NATO allies, in particular, Norway, may be involved in the undermining of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. However, the authorities of both countries rejected the charges against them, refusing to conduct a detailed investigation in the direction indicated by Hersh.