Posted 28 октября 2020,, 10:04

Published 28 октября 2020,, 10:04

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Pavel Mamayev: "In prison I have grown up spiritually"

Pavel Mamayev: "In prison I have grown up spiritually"

28 октября 2020, 10:04
In October 2018, footballers Pavel Mamayev and Alexander Kokorin staged two fights in Moscow.

First, there was a conflict with the driver of Channel One, Olga Ushakova (he ended up in the hospital with a traumatic brain injury), and then they made their way into a cafe with an official of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Pak.

The friends ended up in jail, and were released a year later, in October 2019. On the air of the YouTube channel Krasava, Mamayev told what the prison taught him and why he chose FC Rostov after his release.

“During the year that I spent behind bars, I realized absolutely everything that I did wrong in relation to my family, wife, children, parents.

I don’t want to repeat this anymore.

As loud as it may sound, I am glad that this is the situation.

Of course, when it all dragged on, it seemed like a long time. We spent a year... Prison, stage, this whole movement ...

But in fact, I'm glad it happened. I have grown very much spiritually, humanly.

For me, a lot has faded into the background.

Important, that? This is a family, people close to you. And just be a decent good person.

I cannot say that it was a tough experience... It is a well-deserved experience. I will not speak for all the guys who were with me. But for me it is exactly deserved... I came to what I deserve.

And I had to go this way in order, so to speak, to embark on the path of correction.

"Confused by faith” - this does not sound right. I believe that this is how it should be: we are all Orthodox, all this comes from the heart.

I have never shown it or show it in public, and I am not talking about it.

The Gospel says: "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her". There is not a single sinless person.

Everyone makes some mistakes. The main thing is redemption, understanding, awareness of them.

There are no sinless people. There is only one sinless person - Jesus Christ, and that's it.

I talk a lot with priests on this topic. All people succumb to some temptation, some temptation. This is the essence of man.

There is a struggle with oneself throughout life.

... Isolation from your family and in general from the world around you ... It's hard ... Already in the first 24 hours you understand that now no one will come, the door will not open and will not say: "Pash, come out".

You understand that only with paper they can come and say: "Pash, here is a court order, you are free".

Everything, you are isolated. You have nothing around you, except for four walls and, there, an hour's walk a day - that's all.

And so, you sit and do what you want. Beat your head against the wall, shout about how you were unfairly detained ...But it's all like driving a pitchfork through the water.

I was sitting in a cell with 12 other people. But they were not yet convicted, they still fought to be released. That is, these people were simply arrested on suspicion of something.

There was no time to be afraid.

There was an understanding: you got here and today this is your home.

… There were no problems in the prison because of the tattoos. I have not had a single question about this for the entire time.

I communicate with the guys with whom I was sitting. I send them food and cigarettes almost every week. This is done through the site.

In prison, I liked to eat pasta, there is also a delicious fish there - a kale and a herring. Simple pasta is served, but you mixed it with fish - and a cannon in general! There is a fish called a grave, this is the worst thing.

Everybody shares there. Everything that came to me, I laid out on a common table for all the guys. In prison, I gave up swearing and drinking. I haven't done this for two years.

There's pressure there. Without this, nowhere. It's hard to prepare for this. The question here is character. Nobody will feel sorry for you there. Wrong - get punished.

There is more order there than outside: no one allows himself to fight, to insult. It doesn't matter who you are: Mamaev, Savin, Sidorov.

... I am ashamed of my behavior. It turns out that I did not give a damn about the feelings of my wife, children... Like, because of some unnecessary affair ... (During the trial, it turned out that there was a girl with Mamaev - approx. "NO" )

We could not communicate, taking into account the fact that I was limited in communication ... Fifteen-minute conversations were allowed. And those conversations with my wife then were difficult ... I understood that this was all, well, everything, in short ... I understood that I was at the bottom.

At a certain moment, the realization came to me that I had lost my family, my career was under a huge question ... We spent a year, and we could have given both three and five ... When you are inside, you cannot influence it in any way.

It was possible to communicate taking into account some notes, letters, through lawyers ... Alana (Alana Mamaev - Pavel's wife, - note "NI") wrote emails, but they do not come instantly, like sms. A letter could come where she wrote that "we are waiting for you, everything is fine", and the next day, for example, three letters came at once - about how "you are bad, I am leaving you and divorcing you." Here's a storm. I could not sit down with her as at home and talk after I had done things.

Term, arrest... It has already happened and happened. Naturally, at that moment I was not interested in anything except my family. And that's all.

At some point, I ran out of calls. I couldn't call for probably three weeks. Every day, when I turned on the news, I expected to be told that Alana had filed for divorce. Then she showed me a photo where she was already standing near the registry office to apply for divorce.

Alana told me such a thing: she was very angry that absolutely everyone was waiting for our divorce, and she did not do it, did not divorce, in spite of everyone. Perhaps it was even key at that moment...

For a long time, we were not all right ... She and the children came to my camp when we were in Belgorod. We hadn't seen each other for ten months at that time. This is not a hotel where we could leave and just talk.

Several times after the release, it came to the point that Alana again said, "that's it, I'm getting a divorce".

And I told her: you have already waited for me, we will always have time to divorce. And when the pandemic started, we all stayed at home. And we don't swear anymore. We don't remember anything. We have no negative emotions in the house.

This is a new life. Brand new.

...I had a key conversation, which made me make a decision in favor of Rostov. People made it clear that they are most interested in me.

I had no idea at all that I would end up in Rostov. And after the meeting, I went out and called my wife, said, listen, I'm so surprised that I need to think and weigh everything. And with Dynamo, it seemed like something always interfered with me, prevented me from making a decision ...

The question was not about money. At the moment, I am a wealthy person. I wanted to go where, after prison, I would just have pleasure".