Posted 16 ноября 2020,, 10:13

Published 16 ноября 2020,, 10:13

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Why I will never go to a psychotherapist

16 ноября 2020, 10:13
Алина Витухновская
The services of psychotherapists are in need of a backward, atavistic third world, where problems are not solved, but chattered.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the monstrous scale of human stupidity, delusion, insanity and irresponsibility. In the process of covid isolation and the collapse of previous values, many began to feel psychological discomfort. On Facebook, controversy flared up about the need for psychotherapy. I will express my opinion.

The modern world, where there is comfort, glamor, money and a flourishing industry of beauty services, does not need psychotherapists. Those rich people in the West who visit these specialists do so rather for the sake of status. On the other hand, psychotherapists are in need of a backward, atavistic third world, where problems are not solved, but chattered.

Why will I never go to a therapist? Because he has a different system of values than mine. Because I know that my problems are solved in the technical and social sphere (resource, status), but not in the psychological one. I answered myself all the metaphysical and existential questions. I have no questions for others.

Psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic delusions, and these, in my opinion, are precisely delusions, and not progressive concepts, have their secret reason in a voluntary or involuntary orientation towards socialist social attitudes. Where ideological agitation does not work, projections of the unconscious should work. In fact, this is how National Socialism itself functioned. The fact that Freud and Adler, for example, were persecuted by the Nazis, does not in any way contradict the fact that the ideas of the masters of psychoanalysis and the designers of red-brown barracks had one direction, its name is collectivism (herdness).

It is symbolic that Freud comes into conflict with Adler for the sole reason that Adler, in his scientific constructions, rejects such a convenient and already popular concept of sexuality, sexual trauma and complexes, as well as social reflections following from them.

Freud, in his letters to Jung, called Adler "quite a decent and very intelligent man", later declared him "paranoid", and his theories - "incomprehensible." “The crux of the matter — and this really worries me — is that it nullifies sexual desire, and our opponents will soon be able to talk about an experienced psychoanalyst whose conclusions are radically different from ours”.

Adler goes further than his teacher and calls the inferiority complex the main motive of human social activity and especially the desire for power. We have all heard more than once stories about Hitler, who was not accepted into the Vienna Academy of Arts and was angry with the whole world, about the short stature of Napoleon Bonaparte and Alexander the Great. Perhaps there is some truth in this position, but it is at least primitive to consider it the only basis of human character and personality. And such theories can in no way be attributed to the modern world , where the struggle has long been going on for a resource, and not for a direct impact on a person.

The anthropocentric model of being has given a serious crack. And above all, due to globalism and the shift of religion from the position of the undividedly dominant universal ideology. In virtually a single modern world space, the presence of "God", even as a myth, has become so illusory and insignificant that it degenerated, on the one hand, into pure ceremoniality, and on the other, into a real frenzied madness. Thus, what people considered to be the highest, and accordingly themselves as its derivative, finally lost all meaning and turned into a purely formal attribute, a fetish.

We can say that religion to this day performs the function of "psychoanalysis for the poor". Therefore, the Nietzschean concept of "the death of God" was pronounced as the most accurate diagnosis and came at the right time. The hallucinatory Terence McKenna was still looking for "traces of God" on "creation", but apparently never found it.

Belief in a punishing god and belief in hell are the basis of repressive thinking, a kind of self-punishment in the absence of a punishing one. In the modern world - absolute masochism without impurities, a mental disorder.

Of course, metaphorically, hell exists, but as a kind of concentrate of inconvenience, a meaningless totality. For another subject, all existence is hell. But this is hell, devoid of intent, design, lasting but indifferent static.

One of the fundamental tasks of any authoritarian-repressive society is to make a person feel guilty, to repent, moreover, no matter for what reason.

Self-reproducing self-compulsion to self-violence is the principle of operation of the archaic state mechanism. As they say, with a creak of the brace. One cannot do without the image of an evil and avenging god. Even dead.

However, Russia, alas, is again following its own "special path", even past God, past adapted (modern) religiosity, directly falling into archaism.

The world of the COVID era is a world that is as close as possible to its true ontology, it seems as if it no longer tries to hide its essence. If there were genuine knowledge about the world (genuine gnosis), then there would be no peace. And not only because the existence of being is provided by a set of illusions, instincts and imprints, but also because no one is able to endure the truth about the nature of things.

Reality seemed to hang in uncertainty. The world has changed long ago, and as I have noted more than once, the old rules no longer work, and the new ones have not yet been invented. But the problem is not so much in this as in the fact that we are seriously limited in our actions, due to this global force majeure circumstance. It is becoming more and more difficult to make some kind of forecasts, plans and develop strategies.

In such a situation, both old sores and archaic ways of reacting to reality begin to emerge. People stop hoping for science and enlightenment and move into the lower world of instincts, painful "insights" and utopian, but dangerous hopes. Art is always the first to react to world cataclysms.

While the bohemian crowd opposition dreamed of a "beautiful Russia of the future", we did not notice how we approached the moment of complete crisis, a dead end. Moreover, there are no fools, everyone understands this perfectly. But nobody wants to speak out, continuing to voice old memes and playing old roles.

Meanwhile, the mass unconscious, to which I pay so much attention for a reason, because it is an overwhelming, destructive antonym of political subjectivity, is sprouting in the most unexpected places.

Post-Soviet cinema is slowly but surely assimilating the horror-style in the Mamleev-Khokhloma setting. Behind the visionary, albeit vulgar series "Epidemic" a new one appeared - "Territory". It shows a people who finally fell into the abyss of primitive superstitions and chthonic insanity. Actually, "Beautiful Russia of the Future" as it is.

That is, literally, if we do not now revise the old social paradigms and vicious consensus, we will all end up in the "Territory". Territories of Madness. And also this film is about real politics, where it is clearly demonstrated how the country's civilizational isolation will inevitably lead to its complete and final degradation.

Nevertheless, I hope that the year 2021 will bring some kind of sobering up and liberation from the covid darkness. Because no matter how deep the abyss of the archaic is, civilization cannot lose.