Posted 16 декабря 2020,, 06:33

Published 16 декабря 2020,, 06:33

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Residents of Chelyabinsk asked Joe Biden to help them solve environmental problems

Residents of Chelyabinsk asked Joe Biden to help them solve environmental problems

16 декабря 2020, 06:33
“It's easier to turn to Santa Claus and Biden than to our authorities,” said Chelyabinsk activists who decided to record a video message to the president. Only not to the Russian one, but to the US President-elect Joseph (Joe) Biden, hoping for at least some help.

The environmental problems in the city are really serious.

Residents of Chelyabinsk have long complained about urban air pollution with formaldehydes, heavy metal compounds and other hazardous substances due to industrial emissions. The activists say that the number of oncological diseases is growing in the city, they call their situation desperate, and the current situation - "environmental genocide". Valentina Volkova, who read the text of the statement, explained to the Podyem newspaper that local residents decided to bring the issue to the international level, since the Russian authorities cannot or do not want to help:

"All appeals to the prosecutor's office at all levels, including the general, to the mayor, the governor, the president of Russia - all this ends in nothing, all appeals go down, and we receive replies from the series "everything is fine, everything is under control, hazardous emissions are within normal limits". We understand that this is not US jurisdiction, but what the hell is not kidding. When there is no way out, you cling to any straw. If at least some reaction follows, we will be happy about it".

The activists also appealed to the entire world community in the hope of help and cooperation, since "we all live on the same planet and we need to think about which one we will leave to our descendants". Joseph Biden, meanwhile, will take over as the new US president only next January.

In the summer of last year, desperate to find a solution to environmental problems in their native land, residents of the Kuzbass city of Kiselevsk appealed to the Canadian authorities with a request to provide them with an "ecological" asylum by analogy with a political one. "This winter, the whole world saw our black snow", they wrote. "We were suffocating in the city from coal dust, exhaust from quarry vehicles. Our children almost all winter (and we have it as long as in Canada) could not go to the street to take a walk. The children felt sick from the smog, from the coal dust hanging in the air".