Posted 5 января 2021,, 11:20

Published 5 января 2021,, 11:20

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Greta Thunberg celebrated her 18th birthday with a promise to no longer buy clothes

Greta Thunberg celebrated her 18th birthday with a promise to no longer buy clothes

5 января 2021, 11:20
The famous Swedish activist Grete Thunberg turns 18 and is determined to continue her fight for a cleaner environment.

On January 3, Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg celebrated her majority, she turned 18. In connection with this date, Greta made several statements, which are already being actively discussed on social networks.

First, she tweeted her critics, writing:

“Thank you for all the congratulations on my 18th birthday! Find me at the local pub tonight, revealing all the dark conspiracy secrets about climate school strikes and my evil curators who can no longer control me. Finally, I'm free!"

In the photo, she is wearing a sweater that says Flat Mars Society (england: "Flat Mars Society" - a parody of the community of people who believe that the Earth is flat).

And besides, Greta announced that from now on she refuses to buy clothes, but will borrow it from her friends, or wear them for them.

The girl made this statement not by accident. Just these days, another scary article about the pollution of the planet appeared in the Swiss magazine Le Temps. It contains such eerie data: 7 million tons of clothes are thrown into landfills in the world every year!

“Excessive consumption is a real problem. We make and buy too much. Fashion changes every year, and as a result, in European countries, 35% of clothes are thrown away without even wearing..."

That is, a third of all purchased clothes, and, apparently, other consumer goods are simply not needed by people, but they continue to produce these goods.

Journalist Dmitry Klein comments on this situation in his blog:

“It is difficult in our information age to say how much demand in general gives rise to supply, and how much vice versa, but one thing is obvious - if you and I control our consumption more - not in the sense of asceticism and restrictions (although this too), but in the sense of choice quality, durability and thoughtfulness, as opposed to cheapness, availability and momentary desires - this is the most direct way to influence this situation directly to us.

But I think this is primarily a topic of control and awareness of information consumption - after all, advertising, the mention of some brands, the notorious "product placement" is only what is on the surface, and how many marketers still come up with and use ways to lure and "infect" "we have the desire to buy-buy-spend - and how much more will be invented and created in the future, given the development of technology! I'm afraid to even imagine.

So, paraphrasing Hippocrates, now it is especially important to say - "you are what you read / watch / listen to" - remember this, in the end it is important not only for you personally, but for our entire planet as a whole..."