Posted 19 января 2021, 13:32

Published 19 января 2021, 13:32

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In Japan, over 60 people died during the snow-clearing

19 января 2021, 13:32
In Japan, the number of victims of the snow cyclone that hit the northern regions of the country is growing.

The death toll during the removal of snow blockages exceeded 60 people. Thus, the country has exceeded the sad record that was set in 2017-2018. Basically, residents become victims of snow blockages. Elderly people also die, falling from the roofs of their houses, trying to clear them of snow. The Japanese government plans to provide emergency financial assistance to the northern regions of the country, where its own resources for snow removal were insufficient.

“The state”, - he said, - “will quickly calculate the necessary amounts and provide assistance for the safe removal of snow. We are extremely concerned about the record number of deaths during the clearing", - TASS quotes the statement of the Minister of State Lands, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kazuyoshi Aqaba.

Heavy snowfalls that have covered the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido have not stopped since December last year. Due to the abundance of snow on the islands, there are interruptions in the work of housing and public utilities and transport facilities.

Earlier it was reported that this season, Japan is faced with a severe cold snap and a sharp increase in heating costs. Against the background of the energy crisis provoked by the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the cost of electricity in the country has increased sevenfold over the past two months - from 14 to 100 yen.