Posted 19 января 2021,, 06:09

Published 19 января 2021,, 06:09

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Two missing tourists were found in Dombay

Two missing tourists were found in Dombay

19 января 2021, 06:09
The Ministry of Emergency Situations identified the location of two more tourists who did not get in touch after an avalanche descended from the Mussa-Achitara mountain in Karachay-Cherkessia in the Dombay ski resort.

"The hotline has received information from the relatives of the vacationers that after the avalanche has descended, they cannot contact their loved ones. Later, two people were found in the village of Dombay. They did not fall under an avalanche", - indicated in the message of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the region.

Earlier it was reported that two tourists managed to get in touch - spouses, whose fate remained unknown after the avalanche. It turned out that they did not fall under the avalanche, and at the time of the incident were on the territory of the resort village.

At the moment, four vacationers, who, presumably, could be under the snow blockages, were found alive. At the site of the avalanche , one dead skier was found. Eight people were able to get out on their own, or they felt unwell due to heart problems and turned to doctors for help.

Rescuers reported that up to 12 people could remain under the snow. Fifty people are involved in the search on the slope.

The prosecutor's office will find out the reason for the avalanche. At the same time, it was suggested that the avalanche could be forced. It could come down from the seismic impact after the snow masses were released on the neighboring slope with the help of cannons.