Posted 29 января 2021, 13:10

Published 29 января 2021, 13:10

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Updated 24 декабря 2022, 22:37

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Russian suicide drone learned to penetrate through NATO air defense areas

29 января 2021, 13:10
The unmanned aerial vehicle KYB, which explodes upon reaching the target, is capable of bypassing enemy radars and hitting the positional areas of the deployment of air and missile defense systems. The portal informs about it.

The charge power of the suicide drone is three kilograms in TNT equivalent (trinitrotoluol equivalent). This is enough to defeat the enemy air defense positional areas. With a massive launch of drones, such an area can be destroyed in just a few minutes.

Thanks to its qualities, the Russian drone proved to be "an effective means of fighting against NATO air and missile defense systems", the newspaper writes. The drone has already learned how to break through NATO air defense zones.

Earlier it was reported that KYB was actively used in Syria. There, the kamikaze drone took part in the destruction of the positions of the jihadists, and was also used to defeat armored vehicles. However, the Russian side did not officially confirm this information.