Posted 3 февраля 2021, 12:12

Published 3 февраля 2021, 12:12

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"There is no connection with Vanya..." Muscovites complain about the actions of the police

3 февраля 2021, 12:12
A lot of stories have appeared on social networks about the illegal detention of young people on the streets of Moscow.
Moscow region

Social networks are full of messages about the illegal actions of Moscow police, which detains all young people who seem suspicious to them. It is unclear what the authorities are counting on when sanctioning this, but this is hardly the way to intimidate young people, on the contrary - this is the only way they can be radicalized and turned against themselves. Here are just two examples of what happened last night.

The author has closed this post to outsiders, which in itself is very indicative and very reminiscent of Stalin's times:

“Today I, the granddaughter of a political prisoner, became the mother of a political prisoner.

Over the past 1.5 days, I have learned so much new about the life of the police state that I cannot remain silent.

Yes, this is an ordinary practice - to go up to two guys sitting on a bench on the street and ask them to go to the paddy wagon. Or take the girl's young man by the arm, who decided to tie a lace, and take him there. To grab on the street twice the champion of Russia in skiing, a former special forces employee who had just escorted the girl to the train, and slammed her for 15 days.

Is it okay to put in a paddy wagon, excuse me, a decoy? Is it normal to ask for fingerprints without reason, and if you don't agree, leave them in the department overnight? And, as soon as night falls, slip a protocol with clean passages about evidence in a criminal case on beating up law enforcement officers ... And if you don't agree, start threatening, pressing and soldering everything to the "friends" whom you see for the first time for 15 days. Is it okay to torture by twisting your fingers? Is it okay to leave without water and starve? Is it normal to bring the protocol only the next day after the arrest? Everything is fine. Their hands were untied, and you are nobody, and know your place.

15 days were given to everyone who was taken to the Tushino court. Oh no, they took pity on one disabled person and gave him 10. The lawyer said: nothing works, no circumstances are taken into account, the case is political.

Moscow has run out of places for political prisoners, one hope for the region. Maybe someone will be released under the amnesty in order to free the bed for the most dangerous, unarmed, young, intelligent?

The post is closed, but if you copy it without a link to me, I will be glad..."


A no less heartfelt post was left on her page by a civic activist, director of the children's hospice "House with a lighthouse" Lida Moniava:

“Stupid night. They detained Vanya - the nurse of the Children's Hospice, all children, parents and staff adore him. Vanya was walking home, he was dragged into a paddy wagon, brought to the police station, his phone was taken away, they did not receive transmissions and did not give us information. Vanya was left without communication, food and water, although the man simply walked home through the city and was not guilty of anything.

The hospice staff went to the police station building to hand over water and food to Vanya, stood there for midnight in winter, did not receive the program, did not give information.

Tomorrow everyone has a working day, the patients are waiting for Vanya, but he will not come out. And everyone else will not work, but worry about him. It is not clear who and why needs to do all this with people.

The whole day the city was occupied by riot police. We sat in their buses, stood on the street and in the doorways. While in the hospice we hunch over and drag the bedridden children, the riot police stand idle during working hours, guarding or bludgeoning people and jailing everyone. Including hospice staff, who, instead of working with terminally ill children, have to hang around in the police department.

Stupid priorities. First, they would solve social problems, and then use their military might to shake and detain the hospice staff on the streets of the city.

There is no connection with Vanya, and I am very nervous. He has the Taganskoye police station..."