Posted 5 февраля 2021,, 13:58

Published 5 февраля 2021,, 13:58

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Power in Russia is absolutely Bolshevik, but without an ideological frenzy

5 февраля 2021, 13:58
Алина Витухновская
The strengthening of the repressive pressure of the state on society, which is happening now, is harsh, but a lesson is needed, a kind of vaccine against civil passivity and the philistine principle of non-intervention.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

The modern revolution is a grandiose socio-political performance, in which the roles are supposedly distributed according to a scenario prepared in advance by both interested parties and casual visitors to the "theater" who came in to steal someone's fur coat from the wardrobe. There will also be those who will fire from a revolver right in the auditorium and scatter proclamations, trying to divert attention from what is happening on the stage.

All viewers and participants of this show need to understand that history will not repeat itself. The modernist message in the context of which the revolutions of the past were carried out is completely absent in the present. He disappeared forever into museum artifacts, trembling black-and-white chronicles captured on film, such as Lenin in October and Battleship Potemkin.

The irreplaceable troupe of actors, already pretty sore on edge, in vain imagines themselves taking "mail, telegraph and telephone", sitting in government buildings, just descending there from improvised armored cars.

It is known from historical practice that only the fourth iteration of revolutionaries comes to real power. The first is destined for the role of "cleaners" - a difficult, sacrificial fate. The second group may be fortunate enough to seize power for a short time. But to seize does not mean to retain, and to retain does not mean to effectively manage the vast and contradictory assets inherited from the old government. Therefore, the third wave of initiative citizens, as a rule, loses control under the burden of past systemic errors and their own incompetence. And only the fourth education finally completes the cycle of transition of power institutions from a crisis to a relatively stable state.

And on the other side of the still virtual barricades, the same dull extras of guards, acting according to naphthalene manuals, are found. An old friend of mine writes:

“Mamleyevism. Recently, a letter came to the address of my late husband to report to the police. He was at rallies 7 years ago and was arrested three times. We paid fines. He died three years ago. They say (in a letter): they came, no one was in the apartment, we ask you to appear as a participant in the recent "unsanctioned" rally. That is, they stupidly work out the bases. So I think: how he will appear to them from the other world, S., will not seem a little! Appear to them, my husband! Come on!"

Findings. The current Russian police work at the level of the 1970s regional police departments. Those. literally goes through lists and notebooks. Which is for the best. We are dealing with a complete loss of the control system. A complete lack of understanding by the authorities who their "absolute enemy" is (according to Karl Schmitt).

Do you say Reich? I say - an armed collective farm! And now the dead with scythes will be summoned to their pierced heads. In full accordance with the proletarian classics of the genre.

The deliberate departure of the current state propaganda from the theme of revolution into the field of historical (hysterical) delirious revanchism is not accidental. Despite the roots of the Kremlin regime, which originates from the red October armed coup of 1917, its awareness of itself as the direct heir of the Bolshevik dictatorship is fraught with at least a likely repetition of such a scenario, when any revolution, regardless of its color and sign, inevitably devours its "children"...

That is why the uncomplicated technology of the probable coming to power of the next “cooperative “Ozero” is equally dangerous for them, as it was at one time fatal for the communist-Leninists, who were soon destroyed by the mechanism of Stalin's imperialism.

Consciously cutting off, as well as leading into the shadow of insane unconsciousness part of its own reality, which once gave rise to what we are seeing now in the Russian Federation, the current Russian government in this way subconsciously fears a similar outcome for itself, having long turned into a semblance of that long-gone empire , which was once destroyed (or rather, repainted - from "white" to "red") by the communists, with all the characteristic attributes due to it, the Sorokin oprichnina, boyars-governors and more than a hundred million army of serf slaves, finally lost all professionalism.

The most important property of any revolution is its irreversibility. If it starts, it cannot be stopped. Except for cases of total drowning in blood, as it was during the uprising of 1905-1907. This scenario needs to be preempted now.

The network is already conducting polls in the spirit of "Are you ready for arrest?" Arrest and imprisonment are political capital. Therefore, yes. But mass arrests profane some. So no. In general, I don't see this as a super event. Although it is interesting to publicly pump metaphysical muscles. See others, show yourself.

All the same, the power in Russia is absolutely Bolshevik. Only without frenzy, without ideological drive, and bloody swagger. This is a kind of pure function. Bureaucratic mechanism. Postmodernist version of Leninism.

In the policeman who pulled out a pistol, the riot police, throwing people with their face into the snow, and especially in the public act of self-immolation, there is something depressingly Pazolinevian, monochrome, such a pale, emasculated from Russia modernity.

What is happening now before our eyes, namely, and above all, the strengthening of the repressive pressure of the state on society, is a harsh one, but a lesson is needed, a kind of vaccine against political apathy, civil passivity and the philistine principle of non-intervention. Over the past few days, everyone could understand not only where he lives and what real rights he has in this space of illegality and illegitimacy, but also feel literally on his own skin the grip of the "wolfhound century", which he only read about in books and watched in films.