Posted 11 февраля 2021,, 07:11

Published 11 февраля 2021,, 07:11

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Question of the day: is it worth making the police and Rosgvardia officers angry by publishing their data?

Question of the day: is it worth making the police and Rosgvardia officers angry by publishing their data?

11 февраля 2021, 07:11
The harsh and sometimes brutal suppression of recent protests in Russia is forcing the opposition-minded part of society to look for an antidote to such actions by the security forces. One of the options, according to journalist Dmitry Chernyshev, is explanatory work with the police themselves.

That's how he currently understands it:

“The authorities are trying to present the siloviki as a kind of monolith or a huge colossus, with which it is impossible to fight. In fact, this colossus stands on feet of clay. The challenge for civil society is to break the pyramid of violence and create in its place normal law enforcement agencies that will act in the interests of the whole society.

Do not believe those who claim that only sadists work in the police. Most police officers are normal people who don't like to follow criminal orders. I don't like hitting and torturing people.

These are our allies in building normal law enforcement agencies. They will also become the first beneficiaries. The number of police officers will be significantly reduced and the salaries of the remaining police officers will be increased. The police will not be involved in dispersing rallies, blocking the streets for the passage of officials' limousines, beating up football fans and other nonsense. The police will catch criminals and help people. The police will be proud of their work.

We'll start with police campaigning. A special channel will be created to explain to them their rights and responsibilities. And above all - their right not to carry out criminal orders. A full amnesty will be announced to all who have gone over to the side of the Resistance. A special "black box" will be created to which police officers will be able to write anonymous letters about criminal orders and sadists in the police - with their names and positions.

A regular newsletter will be created for police officers with stories about the fate of the police officers of the Russian Empire after the October coup. About how lustration took place in Germany after the defeat of Nazism. About how policemen were tried in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries. Reports from the zones where the security forces are sitting. The history of the Kiev OMON. How police officers work in Canada or Sweden, etc. With explanations for the simple fact that their salaries come from taxes that are paid by the very civilians whom the police should protect. This is not money from the pockets of Putin or Sobyanin. All the security forces of Russia will regularly receive such mailing on their mailboxes.

A database will be created listing all police officers who commit crimes. The database will be replenished both with the help of civil society - photographers filming all police officers, National Guards and other security officials who disperse the rallies (faces, car numbers, badge numbers), and with the help of other sources - databases, stories of personnel officers and the police themselves. There will be a special section dedicated to the identified provocateurs, aunts and other Cossacks with Nodovites and Prilepins.

Special work will be done with them. First - a warning letter and a list of all the articles of the criminal code that the police are violating. With an indication of the time limits for these crimes. With the story that in case of repeated violation of the law, the security forces will be tried. They will be stripped of all awards and dismissed from the authorities in disgrace. They won't have any early retirement benefits and other promised bonuses.

If the warning does not work, then a ring of alienation will first be created around such a security officer. All his friends on social networks and neighbors will be notified of his crimes. No threats - just dry information. On such and such a number, your friend / relative / neighbor beat civilians, threatened and tortured detainees. You should know that this person is dangerous for you and your loved ones. At the same time, other legal channels will be used in relation to the offender - from a complaint to law enforcement agencies to bringing him to trial.

At the same time, statistics will be kept on the site indicating the number of police officers who are ready to go over to the side of the Resistance. The number on this counter will constantly increase, driving the authorities into frenzy - 50, 300, 800, 1500 policemen..."

From the editor:

The authors of this initiative "forgot" about the fate of the agitators and organizers, who, in their opinion, should move to the houses and barracks of the security forces. With a probability of 100 percent and with the speed of a courier train, they will be calculated by the special services and subjected to the most severe persecution and punishment - our security officials have technical means and practical experience, and considerable. In response to the publication of personal data, most of the riot police and Rosguards will become even more angry with the protesters. So it is worth thinking three times before starting an information and propaganda "war" with law enforcement officers.