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Published 2 марта 2021,, 16:07

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Labour as a socialist neurosis

2 марта 2021, 16:07
Алина Витухновская
I am a person who is not completely adapted to everyday life. Just one everyday movement drives me crazy - I don't know how to cook, I don't like going to shops, paying bills, painting my nails on my own, remembering where everything is, etc., etc.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

It would be great if someone did everyday life for me or their majesty money.

It is everyday life, and not the "evil and dead" God, that is my enemy in modern times. Everyday life is an unbearable existence and bureaucratic metaphysics, given to us in sensations. It is curious that the majority are satisfied with the excess of everyday life, depriving people of their momentary needs and they will be mad with self-consciousness unknown to them hitherto or the obvious voids of being.

That is, when they say “Labor made a man out of a monkey”, - the speakers are radically right. But the superman did not make labor out of the monkey. To paraphrase the classic, then “Labor has made of a person what should be overcome”.

The diligence, perseverance, diligence, and the acquired skills so valued by the society are rather the consequences and habits of forced survival. But these habits, in fact, are a kind of legalized social coercion, which are presented almost as progressive and (which is important!) Obligatory.

I believe that a person should not work for the sake of survival. And he should only if work is his vocation. That there is a lot of units.

“Nothing shortens human life, spoils nerves and health like work and relationships. But doctors hide this information, ” I recently wrote on my Facebook and received more than five hundred likes. It is surprising that even in our enlightened time, the obvious truths continue to look like shocking.

What else won't the "British scientists" tell you? The fact that most problems, if not solved, are resolved by themselves. Because they are not our real problems, but rather socially imposed ones. My goals and objectives (respectively, problems) can be counted on the fingers of one hand. What I really need is written on my forehead. Although most do not see. Therefore, it remains the majority.

A large number of likes under the post, about the fact that work and relationships are slow killers, speaks of how much people yearned for the untold truths. How much they are oppressed by the burden of not only conditioned and structured (not by them!) Being, how tired they are to stand in a semantic and linguistic stall. To master the silence of the masses is my task.

What is hedonism? Especially the grassroots. An attempt to come to terms with reality. Compensate for the impossible. Missing. It is for this reason that pleasures are imposed on us as a norm, as a necessity. So that superfluous people do not rush to power (resource). Happiness is the opposite of healthy competition. Accordingly, the family becomes a mini-testing ground for satisfying and sublimating the need for power, as well as an endless and meaningless search for those very simple pleasures that I mentioned above. The problem of domestic violence, by the way, is not only and not so much in psychopathological deviations or problems of society, but in the family itself, which is both the source and the cause of violence.

"To escape from the family" is already hackneyed and obvious. It is a fact that many of us are truly surrounded by bloodsuckers and slow killers in the guise of benevolent households. Sometimes it seems that if a person did not have relatives, he would live forever. The same is true for the environment. The environment limits, sucks out, points out, shields. How many people are hostages of the environment! And in Russia - in the absence of social lifts and the resulting doomed corporatism - practically everything. That is why so many quite gifted people serve other people's interests for half their lives, sing from someone else's voice, as if caught in a kind of metaphysical-ideological "pressure". Because of this, the path of a loner seems to me much more rational and promising, albeit unsafe.

The attachment to work as some kind of idea is a fix, not only a socialist neurosis, but also a cultural one. Based on a pathological tendency towards slavery, which is the main and ideal system of government.

Dmitry Bykov said the other day:

“Most of all for this did Chekhov, who, in fact, is the author of the phrase expressed in the letter, as far as I remember, to my brother, about squeezing out the slave drop by drop. Although we have a wonderful aphorism by Alina Vitukhnovskaya that if you squeeze a slave out of a person, nothing will remain. I do not agree with this, with all due respect.

As for the theme of internal slavery and the theme of the struggle against it, Russian literature is, rather, in solidarity with Vitukhnovskaya. She is very afraid of people who squeezed out of themselves slaves, because she believes that they have no moral brakes left. They became potential assassins, potential sect leaders and so on".

Dear Dmitry Lvovich misinterprets my message. I believe that it is impossible to squeeze a slave out of a person just because it is one of his ontological foundations. And my statement does not concern the conventional "Russian person", although it is a reference to Russian literature. It concerns the person as such. Or rather, a social object.

The exceptions are subjects, isolated individuals, those who build worldview concepts literally from themselves, and not from archaic sacred traditionalist semantic piles, historical and mythological neuroses, such as "God" and again morality. The only moral for me is social expediency. Well, so that the cats are not offended, of course.

By the way, during my trial, I was sent to prison by Viktor Yerofeyev's book "Russian Beauty", signed "Alina, who defeated Chekhov with a word about squeezing out a slave".

Recently, Brodsky's dialogue at the trial, which went down in history, was once again mentioned. I recalled that a similar dialogue had taken place during my trial. I believe it is possible even now, in 2021. In this sense, nothing changes in Russia. The monstrous inertia of the bureaucratic machine, superimposed on the equally monstrous inertia of ideas, the inertia of being itself. Plus formalism on the verge of idiocy.

“An explosion of laughter in the courtroom was caused by the phrase of the state prosecutor Svetlana Keldisheva: Vitukhnovskaya wrote poetry, and why did she never work? Word for word the same thing that was at the trial of the future Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky. "Believe me, this prosecutor will go down in history, as those who tried Brodsky went down in history", - Yunna Moritz told me, - this is what journalist Olga Kuchkina wrote in Komsomolskaya Pravda".