Posted 4 мая 2021,, 16:01

Published 4 мая 2021,, 16:01

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Figure of the day: war veterans in Russia were "rated" 17 times lower than in Kazakhstan

Figure of the day: war veterans in Russia were "rated" 17 times lower than in Kazakhstan

4 мая 2021, 16:01
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If the Russian Ministry of Finance pays domestic veterans 10 thousand rubles each, then the Kazakh one - 175 thousand.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta publishes shocking data comparing payments to war veterans in three neighboring countries that were once part of the USSR - Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

If Russian veterans are entitled to 10 thousand rubles this year, then in Uzbekistan - more than 85 thousand rubles in terms of local currency, and in Kazakhstan - even 174 thousand rubles. It is also known that last year the Moldovan government paid its veterans four times more money than the Russian one.

Even more interesting is that similar payments are made in Germany, and the Germans equate Soviet war veterans with theirs, taking into account the equivalent officer rank, and pay the veteran's allowance...

Experts try to explain this paradox by the difference in the number of veterans living in these countries. For example, according to statistics, in the Kazakh Alma-Ata and Nur-Sultan there are just over one and a half hundred people left, and in the whole of Uzbekistan - about a thousand, while in Russia more than 33 thousand veterans will receive payments. But even in this situation, the Ministry of Finance needed only some 30 million rubles to duly thank the veterans, about whom so much is sung and spoken about these days from literally every iron...

It's a shame.