Posted 10 мая 2021,, 15:19

Published 10 мая 2021,, 15:19

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The tragedy of the Russian on the V-Day

10 мая 2021, 15:19
Алина Витухновская
Today I went to the city with an absolutely utilitarian goal - to make up for the lack of vitamin D. Not DP (Den Pobedy - Victory Day), but simply - "D"...

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

Walking through the park, I had to stop to get my phone out of my bag and sat down for a while on a bench to calmly end a business conversation.

“Sorry that I'm eating”, - said a voice next to me. It was an old woman, all wrinkled, as if depressed in time. Blind in one eye. “Everything is blocked,” she continued, “Tverskaya, Lubyanka”. “Everything for people”, - I answered automatically. "There was a military man at the parade who called the President and the Prime Minister traitors". “This is good”, I said in response. “The President was good earlier”, - she said, as if making excuses.

It turned out that the old woman came from the provinces with a bag of medals, she showed it to me, it was a leatherette knapsack full of pieces of iron wrapped in handkerchiefs. For a long time she did not manage to get to the parade, because everything around was blocked, in the end they did not want to let her in, because she was not on the list of participants. But then someone took pity.

And so she returned from the victory parade, hungry. “All cafes are closed,” she says, exhausted, humiliated. I told her in the most simple and correct language possible about the situation in the country, about the attitude towards veterans. She only nodded sadly. Then I said goodbye to her and went about my business, having heard after - "For the first time I see a girl who speaks the truth about this country."

The tragedy of the Russian man lies not only in the fact that he has always been a victim, but also in the fact that he lived his whole life in lies, without even trying to find out the true state of affairs. Survival here is closely connected with the ability to mimic, lie, keep silent, humiliate oneself. Lie not so much to others as to lie to yourself in the first place. First of all, self-deception allows the authorities to do whatever they want with a person.

As for the slogan “The grandfathers fought” and the imposed reflection that follows from it, they need clarification and exposure. Attempts to justify the fact of one's own birth by a series of historical Soviet abominations, including the Pyrrhic victory, are nothing more than the simplest way to give at least some meaning to one's life, writing it in two parallel scenarios at once. The first is tribal (“If it weren't for the grandfathers, we wouldn't exist”). The second is historical and propaganda (“If it hadn't been for the victory, we wouldn't have been born”). Both of these scenarios are false, manipulative and are only suitable for containing the subjectless masses, but not for the progressive development of the country.

We must understand that a person is not a set of chromosomes, not a genetic golem, or a socially cobbled pig. And above all, a set of unique properties and personal interpretation of one's own experience, as well as subjective awareness and subjective goal-setting.

Today, Moscow seems to have somehow flattened itself out in a schizoid manner, has drifted psychedelic, as if covered with a greenhouse film emitting matrix narratives - signals of timelessness. People became slow, sluggish, lulled by an unknown, but blissful horror, like Mosfilm's decorations, like dolls, golems imitating themselves. And they even began to play along with this eclectic madness with their talk, gait, clothes. Kvassok-vodka-braids-pilots-stars. Here is a swan woman swam in tights, as if from the Bolshevichka factory, here is another one behind her, dragging the child behind her, as if dragging him into Non-existence. And above all this - the sea knot - the ribbon of St. George - like a butterfly on the neck of a hanged man. So colorful. Okay. From the heart. Death was a success!

The Victory Day in Russia is blatantly necrophilic. Even Soviet poetry, like Soviet "to the guitar" - from Okudzhava to - is not only legalized vulgarity, it is also militarism - from the soft version - "From Malaya Bronnaya" to the hard version "As long as you see him, kill him"... And the last one is pure Satanism, such a three-piece thing.

The current socialist realism - the socialist realism of the townies from Prilepin to Shargunov is in demand by the authorities and (precisely) for this reason. Moreover, there is no particular contradiction between the conditionally liberal author and the national-patriotic author. The condition and guarantor of their existence are mediocrity and pretentiousness. Well, the first ones should also be greyhounds.

The necro-residence generates his own conceptual projects. A girl who paints with the ashes of her veteran grandfather (this story has already been given for several years) is, of course, not an artistic, but a medical statement. The area of unknown (yet unformulated) psychopathology.

If the USSR won technically, filling up the entire space from Moscow to Berlin with cannon fodder, then the Third Reich won technologically. Missile, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, weapons technologies of National Socialism - all this became the property of civilization and continues its life up to the present moment.

Even the guns of the famous American Ambrams tanks are still manufactured in the German city of Kassel by Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.

The historical assessment of Hitler as an absolute tyrant, against the background of almost complete ignorance of the victims of the Stalinist period, can be considered a purposeful act of diverting public attention from real evil, which triumphed on the bones of evil deliberately condemned.

Hence follows the inevitable conclusion about the need to end the Soviet historical period by condemning it by an international tribunal similar to the Nuremberg one.

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