Posted 14 мая 2021,, 08:33

Published 14 мая 2021,, 08:33

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Kazan drama: how Mr Know-Nothing paid for his questions

14 мая 2021, 08:33
Алина Витухновская
Surprisingly, it is a fact - in the 21st century, people have no idea about the foundations of human psychology, about the main motivations of thinking and behavior. And this became especially evident in the example of the recent tragedy in Kazan.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

A tragedy struck at school N 175 in Kazan. According to preliminary data, two young men attacked the educational institution, shooting everyone who came to their hand. As a result, one of them - nineteen-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviyev - was detained, and the second shooter was eliminated. Later, the alleged accomplice of the attackers, 41-year-old Ramil M.

Later, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan denied the information about the second attacker on the school, and no more information is received about the accomplice. Apparently, this was not a lone shooter, but a group with an instructor. Which is suggestive. Moreover, in the context of the fact that literally immediately after the incident, the President announced the need to tighten the rules for handling civilian weapons. Roughly the same was stated to them in October 2018, when there was a massacre at the Kerch Polytechnic College.

But if at that time we did not live under an absolute dictatorship, it was balanced, though coordinated, but opposition in the person of Navalny and the FBK, now the dictatorship has reached its climax. Therefore, the authorities will dispose of armed citizens literally as potential opponents. Of course, under the guise of fighting extremism.

Surprisingly, it is a fact - in the 21st century people have no idea about the foundations of human psychology, about the main motivations of thinking and behavior. And this became especially evident in the example of yesterday's tragedy.

At first glance, the stream of consciousness that the young terrorist gave out during interrogation is mistaken for schizophrenic delirium. However, this is the absolute norm for a teenager, and even for an adult in the era of a new time of troubles.

He has "no parents". True, many of us do not have parents in the existential or even social sense of the word. He hates everyone and "considers himself a god." But some at the top also consider themselves to be a god. As well as the national-patriotic patented terrorist Milchakov, and other "Russian-world" superhumans.

Anyone who writes about dislike, from which all problems arise (and this is how they write about a teenage terrorist), has no idea about the human psyche and real needs, drawing his ideas from outdated Freudo-Fromm's manuals.

People seem to have completely forgotten how teenagers feel. 40-year-olds think like 60-year-olds. Amazing! After all, given the infantilization (in a good way), 40-year-olds now are 27-year-olds earlier (with a conditional scoop).

But no! The formalism learned by rote allows them to push stamped statements that if psychologists and public services were engaged in a teenager, if he went to circles (!), Then the tragedy would not have happened. I always wanted to strangle myself from your psychologists and circles! So. And not vice versa. "Commit suicide, destroy the whole world". Have you forgotten?

How did Mr Know-Nothing pay for his questions? By limiting the circulation of weapons, turning the population into technically incapable slaves and eternal reaction.

Public, in any case, network reflection on what happened was a predictable attempt to blame everything on a teenager, to leave the political and even the social into the psychological. This approach generally excludes any rational analysis of the situation. And therefore, it increases the risks of a repetition of such scenarios in the future. By the way, this story also has a "mystical" component. The young criminal was born on September 11, 2001. And here there is a great temptation to go not even into psychology, but into pure symbolism. But in no case should this be done.

Note that all this extreme takes place against the background of a shaky background of Brezhnev's hallucinatory ripples. Murakhovsky's ATV, which disappeared in the swamp, "Swampland", Mamleyevism, Gogolism and Kharms rolled into one. That's just not an ATV, here the whole Rossiyushka disappears in the swamp. Not a country, but pure hallucination, nebulous delirium. It seems that operational work was nevertheless carried out with key witnesses to the story of the poisoning of Navalny. Pouring out into the public sphere in the form of a show, a series. And this, apparently, is also part of the operational work, and not an accident.

You don't have to be a graduate student to understand that Russian society is deep and seriously hurt. And it is all the more strange to see that in the case of such public excesses, some onlookers, careless observers, like madmen who accidentally ran into the staff room and put on a white coat, begin to pompously reason in the spirit of vulgar pop psychology.

It is surprising that even human rights activists close to the borderline, insane part of Russian life, wandering around the zones and special detention centers, write something like this:

“After yesterday's tragedy, all the deputies started talking about restrictions on weapons, the prohibition of computer games, and so on. But none of them talked about why psychologists and social services missed this guy and why now he hates the whole world? What has the world done to him for his hatred?

Psychologists in schools often work very formally, for the sake of appearance, social services too, but these are the most important preventive services that should have helped this guy a lot in advance. They say that he was bullied at school, which means that psychologists again did not work out. What happened that the guy did this? Why didn't anyone see it? Feeling himself abandoned alone in the world becomes bitter and begins to take revenge. The task of the state is to build such services that would not leave people inside their hatred, that would work with such teenagers and help them. Early assistance can prevent major tragedies".

And the most interesting thing is that neither wars, nor catastrophes, nor the whole history of the world, consisting in large part of large and small tragedies, did not force to question the profane "humanistic" concept itself, the foundations of which are based on the blatant assumption that all people are arranged approximately in the same way and are guided by the same value system.