Posted 27 мая 2021,, 07:05

Published 27 мая 2021,, 07:05

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Donate for poverty: Kostroma residents asked Sobyanin to "bring" the old tiles to their city

27 мая 2021, 07:05
Residents of Kostroma turned to the mayor of Moscow, Sergey Sobyanin, with a request to donate to the city old tiles for sidewalks, removed during the repairs from the capital's roads.

The Kostroma residents issued an appeal to the mayor of the capital through social networks. They posted in the public domain horrific photos of crumbling sidewalks covered with "shame instead of tiles": the pavement that was once installed on the central streets of the city is crumbling - it is impossible to walk there, and for mothers with strollers, a walk along such roads turns into circles of hell.

“Does anyone have Sergey Sobyanin’s phone number? Let's ask him to bring tiles”, - quotes an appeal of one of the residents.

The reason for the appeal of Kostroma residents to Sobyanin was the reports of residents of the capital that on some streets of Moscow the tiles for some reason are changed annually, although the old one is in good condition. In this regard, residents of a poor province asked the Moscow mayor "to share unnecessary second-hand". Earlier, the Kostroma transport workers had already received from Moscow a batch of old decommissioned trolleybuses, the condition of which turned out to be much better than the equipment that had been traveling through the streets of the regional center all this time. There is no money in the budget of Kostroma for the purchase of new municipal transport in the required amount.

In this regard, the Kostroma residents logically reasoned that if they were given the trolleybuses to "wear out after their older sister", then why not add the used road surface to this list.

Residents of the region hope that their request to the mayor of Moscow will not go unanswered: in 1980, Sobyanin graduated with honors from the mechanical faculty of the Kostroma Technological University.

Earlier it was reported that while the federal budget is cutting spending, the Moscow authorities, on the contrary, are increasing their budget and are confidently looking into the future. Next year, in 2021, the capital is going to spend more than 3 trillion rubles. The figure itself is a record, no city in the country had such a budget.

The budget for the next three years finally reveals the secret of what the Moscow trillions will be spent on. it improvement (tiles, borders and other festive lighting), housing construction, road construction and transport.

“Every year the city authorities literally bury tens of billions of rubles in the ground. There is no end or end to it. In the next three years, the mayor's office is going to spend 926 billion rubles on landscaping. There is a crisis in the country, lower costs, rising prices, debts - and nothing. Sobyanin seems to be putting on an experiment on his deputy for housing and communal services, Petr Biryukov. He pushes more and more money into his mouth and watches how much it can fit in - but there is a bottomless hole, ”Ilya Yashin comments on the situation.