Posted 7 июня 2021,, 12:59

Published 7 июня 2021,, 12:59

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Golden domes over the Khokhloma Gulag

7 июня 2021, 12:59
Алина Витухновская
Everything in Rossiyushka returns to square one. That is, straight to hell. Into the cultural stranglehold. Into a civilizational dead end. Provincial news - reissue of "Eddie" and a book about Yegor Letov! That Letov, that Limonov - red-barrack golems, singers of the mass unconscious victorious revenge.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

They write to me - this is not that, "this is different!" "Where is Letov and where the Eurasianists-Limonovites?" Where? Where. In one place. In the "Russian world". They write to me: "Letov visited intelligent boys." Well, "intelligent boys" - this was the notorious ESM (Eurasian Youth Union). And these aging boys are now formal liberals, but real PR people for the regime. Letov and Limonov - this is the regime. Letov and Limonov - this is the Kremlin. And the cherry on the cake - Shnurovskaya "Zoya" - the next "two pieces of sausage", that's all.

There is no contradiction in this completely holistic picture of present-day Russia. As there is no it between the conditional Buzova and the conditional Bozhena. No wonder their tortured conflicts are covered by the yellow-fresh media. Here conflict should be understood as unity.

An economic forum in a country with a resource economy (that is, virtually without an economy) is approx. Norm. Well, as part of the Russian matrix-hallucinations, like bears in the forest of the artist Shishkin. Tea 1200 each, whiskey 89000 each.

"Why are these prices?" - Sobchak is indignant. "Because you are a rogue!" - Dugin answers her, posing against the background of Khokhloma and actually merging with her. Yes, he is - Khokhloma. Talking. “Yes, and I myself am Khokhloma,” Xenia answers him. "I-WE" - from Khokhloma - they sing, merging in fofuyennoy ecstasy. The main thing is that "boHato" is the whole Byzantine economy.

Under the post about Limonov and Letov they write: "Limonov for one time, better than Henry Miller." So they said 20 years ago. But then they read Henry Miller. Now, no. Why? Because the Russian intellectual-2021 has in his head what his predecessor had on the shelf in the 1970s. That is, Soviet literature plus Western "popsyatina". But he doesn’t even remember a halfhearted thing. It takes effort. Soviet literature requires no effort.

Meanwhile, in Russia, there is an increase in repression. From seated Andrey Pivovarov to the frightened, but so far released Dmitry Gudkov. In comparison with what is happening in the Republic of Belarus, these are flowers. But Belarus today is Russia tomorrow. Therefore, the new 1937th is being broadcast to us online. And it looks like this is no longer the world of soft violence. Violence is becoming real, a sample of the middle of the last century. Aggressive, shameless and even self-righteous. The new executioners seem to be proud of their role, exuding sleek snobbery under the rays of propaganda spotlights.

Torture, intimidation of relatives, psychoactive substances of a suggestive spectrum - all about Protasevich's interview. He says to the camera that he wants simple philistine happiness, away from politics. The trick is that after such precedents, after the demonstrative terror against the opposition, the average person will become the victim. First, it will be wrapped to the skin. And then they will let it go. Not necessary, but likely. As I wrote earlier - first money, and then life.

The claims against Protasevich, who was tortured, are absurd and ugly in principle. And all the more, they are absurd because in the modern world it is very difficult to "hand over" someone. The post-information space allows real-time tracking of 99% of information related to a particular public character.

Thus, the demonstrative torture of Protasevich is aimed not at exposing the hero, but in intimidating the masses. Protasevich did not say anything that the special services themselves did not know and (or) did not come up with.

In this article, I use the phrase "1937" for the first time. And only because torture and terror really became real. Until now, I have heard the mantra about "1937" since the 1990s, that is, since my fabricated trial. But I confess that what the dissidents and the intelligentsia frightened me with, I did not see either in prison, much less outside of it. I can state that what is happening now is somehow programmed - on the one hand, of course, by the authorities themselves, formally duplicating the achievements of the USSR, and on the other, by the very carriers of the repressive consciousness who reproduce and broadcast their fears into society.

Domestic culture and pop culture are also trying to keep up with political trends. She becomes overtly repressive and delirious. So at one of the thematic concerts, the singer Vaenga, disguised and disguised as a male priest, sang Mikhail Krug's song “Golden Domes”. What is Russian chanson? This is such a primitive Byzantine fluffy discourse. The one who thinks clearly states clearly - this is just about the chanson. About the conditional Circle or Novikov. Normally explained for Russia. Well, definitely better than Dugin.

But everything that worked before the postmodern does not work in the postmodern anymore. Of course, it works in Europe. And in Russia - no. Therefore, the power of the postmodernists (and this is precisely their power, for the time of ideologies has passed) looks frankly freakish.

Well, look for yourself - the first persons falling into simplicity, the obsessed Simonyan, Danya (again!) Milokhin is the illegitimate child of Dugin and Yura Shatunov, a pseudololithic fake, an aggressive commercial infantile. And now Vaenga, who has taken the baton from the deceased ontologically accurate Circle, is already an outright psychosexual perversion, Kraft-Ebing for the doomed is hysterical religiosity, transvestism and a little nervous. In general, nothing is sacred!