Posted 15 июня 2021,, 13:21

Published 15 июня 2021,, 13:21

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Protection of families with children: what's new in legislation over the past 5 years

Protection of families with children: what's new in legislation over the past 5 years

15 июня 2021, 13:21
On June 9, the chairman of United Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, reported on the implementation of the party's program adopted in 2016. He noted that it was completed and withstood the test of strength. One of the priorities of the party at all levels is the protection of families with children.

According to Dmitry Medvedev, over the past 5 years, a comprehensive system of support for families with children has been created in Russia. To this end United Russia has improved federal legislation and the practice of such support in the regions.

Expansion of the maternity capital program has become one of the main measures to help families.

“It increased by almost 200 thousand rubles and began to be indexed - this was not the case before. Now the payment can be received for the first child, and the registration takes place in a more convenient form. People no longer have to go and write applications, stand in lines. The possibilities of using capital funds have also changed - it can be spent on building a private house”, - said Olga Okuneva (United Russia), coordinator of the Strong Family party project, First Deputy Chairperson of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children.

The payment of 450 thousand rubles is also aimed at improving the living conditions of large families - the funds are given to pay off mortgages, including preferential ones. This right has already been used by about 70 thousand families.

With the support of United Russia, new payments have appeared for families with children from three to seven years old and from eight to 17 years old, the parliamentarian recalled. The latter will take effect from July 1, 2021. Now single parents can count on an allowance in the amount of at least half of the subsistence minimum in the region for each child. And this is in line with the task set by President Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly.

Support measures for pregnant women who find themselves in difficult life situations have also been expanded: starting from July 1, they will receive 6,350 rubles a month for early registration. On maternity leave, women will now be able to receive additional education at the place of their actual residence, and not only at the place of registration. The minimum monthly childcare allowance for unemployed parents has been doubled - from 3,375 to 6,750 rubles. The maximum amount of payment for those who were left without work during maternity leave was also increased: from 6 thousand to 13,504 rubles.

“One cannot but pay attention to the legislative changes concerning orphans,” noted Olga Okuneva. - I was among the authors of the law, according to which they receive an unlimited right to preferential education in universities without age restrictions. More than 40 thousand people can use it annually ”.

In addition, brothers and sisters from the same family received the priority right to enroll in one kindergarten or school, regardless of where they were registered. Another initiative - 100% payment for sick leave for childcare for parents of children up to seven years old inclusive - will start working on September 1. The State Duma adopted, and the Council of the Fed unanimously approved the corresponding amendments to the law in May.

The changes also affected the sphere of children's recreation. At the suggestion of the party, parents can already return half the cost of a ticket to children's health camps. At the same time, parents with many children are given the opportunity to plan a vacation at a convenient time for themselves.

Together with the payments that families receive from the state, the measures proposed by the party guarantee support practically until the age of majority of children, says Tatyana Butskaya, chairman of the Council of Mothers, winner of the preliminary vote of United Russia.

“For experts, these benefits are a clear indication that support for families with children in Russia is now organized at a high level. Whatever the difficult situation, the family is protected. And United Russia and public organizations will jointly provide information on benefits to all recipients”, - said Tatyana Butskaya.

The regions also have their own social guarantee systems, she recalled. This generally creates a "safety cushion" for young families and large families.