Posted 22 июня 2021,, 08:28

Published 22 июня 2021,, 08:28

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Limit, state support and corruption: experts named the reasons for the failure of the national team at Euro

Limit, state support and corruption: experts named the reasons for the failure of the national team at Euro

22 июня 2021, 08:28
The state of football in the country fully reflects the Russian economic situation as a whole.

The inglorious departure of the Russian national team from the European Football Championship caused a lot of comments on social networks. Still, it seems that for the first time in its history, the national team suffered two devastating defeats at once in just three group matches - from Belgium 0: 3 and from Denmark 1: 4. Journalists note an amusing detail: for the second EURO in a row, members of the Russian national team are drawn to toilet topics. “We are shit”, the coach of the then national team Leonid Slutsky said in 2016 in Toulouse, and “We crapped our pants”, said the captain of this team, Artem Dziuba, in Copenhagen.

Well, that's right, the team didn't smell like roses at all, - the experts ironically.

Journalist Pavel Pryanikov believes that the result is quite logical:

“The Russian national team is very weak, and it is a reflection of the very weak Russian championship.

The only thing is not clear why such wooden players in Russia are paid millions of dollars. Their red price, like the players of average Polish or Czech clubs, is 50-100 thousand euros per year.

And at the same time it is clearly visible that Russia is not a totalitarian country. Under totalitarianism, the national team players who showed such a result would be sent to work at the factory. And these wooden compilations will return to their clubs tomorrow and start receiving their millions of salaries again, as if nothing had happened..."

Journalist Kirill Shulika once again draws attention to the wild by the standards of our country, the limit on legionnaires, which simply does not allow creating normal competition in the football environment, and therefore extinguishes everything more or less talented that appears in it:

“The main exhibit, so to speak, of the museum of the limit on legionnaires is Artem Dziuba. Having become the favorite of Cherchesov and the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, he felt indispensable. Hence the fans, who, after chants about Dziuba, were sent under arrest for 15 days, and the very video, which became a consequence of the conflict with the fan stands of different teams, and the captain's armband taken from Dzikia after the game with Finland, when after the match the players went to the fans. Yesterday, the players did not approach the small group of Russians who ended up in Denmark. Not a single player including Dzyuba. In general, he is the most hated footballer in Russia, and, frankly, there are reasons for this.

Do not doubt that Cherchesov will remain the coach of the national team, because there is no one to put in his place, and bringing a foreigner is now the same sedition as canceling the limit on legionnaires. Although the current failure is coaching. (...) But is Cherchesov's fault that in the country all thoughts about what to do with the center of defense end with talks about the naturalization of Gigot?"

The publicist Anatoly Nesmiyan rightly sees one of the reasons for the defeat in the Russian management culture:

“The Russian team flew out of Euro-21 yesterday with an enchanting defeat. In general, all three matches were unconvincing. As usual, voices immediately rang out that the entire squad should be changed, and first of all - the head coach. 2.5 million dollars (or euros, not in the know) you have to pay for the result. There was no repentance from the players, they did not apologize, the coach, in general, also said that it was the best game of the national team, well, no luck.

In a normal situation, the head coach takes responsibility and declares his resignation. This is not the case in our country. In our culture of management, apologies and resignation as an independent decision are generally absent as a system. "Organs are not wrong." Evaluation of any managerial staff is always the prerogative of the higher management, neither "from below" nor independently to assess actions is not accepted.

In this sense, the situation with football is simply a reflection of the general state of affairs. The Strugatskys in The Inhabited Island had a character - the Sorcerer. With a powerful intellect that allows him to conclude that oceans exist, drop by drop. We do not need to be a Wizard to make such deep conclusions, we live in it.

If Cherchesov took responsibility right at the press conference and said that he was leaving, it would probably be nonsense. It was then that the punishing hand of the leadership would definitely fall on his head. And so - he humbly transferred the right of decision to the top, and at the top it was already informed that it is wrong to make personnel decisions in hot pursuit. A devastating defeat is not a reason, with whom it does not happen.

“I have nothing to do with it” is the motto of the Russian government. From the very top to the last house manager..."

But the most interesting and comprehensive analysis of the situation was made by the analysts of the MMI telegram channel:

“Football performed by the Russian“ masters of the leather ball ”has not aroused emotions for a long time. But as economists, this case fascinates us immensely! For there is no clearer illustration of the relationship between the built management system and the result. No matter how they convince us that the ball is round, and the field is slippery, and, they say, everything can be, but the result from time to time "amazes" by its regularity.

Russian football is an explosive mixture, a cocktail of three hellish ingredients:

  • Artificially limited competition (the notorious limit on legionnaires)
  • Dominance of the state in the industry (there are practically no private teams - either state corporations or regional budgets)
  • Well, and corruption ... starting right from children's football (we immediately ask for forgiveness from the selfless and enthusiastic children's coaches, we do not want to offend anyone)

All of the above can be safely called three pillars on which the Russian economy as a whole stands. Therefore, if you still think that "the ball is round ... and so on", do not entertain yourself with illusions. The result will still be natural..."