Posted 23 июня 2021,, 15:39

Published 23 июня 2021,, 15:39

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Vegan cafe will continue to cater unvaccinated Muscovites, despite the ban

Vegan cafe will continue to cater unvaccinated Muscovites, despite the ban

23 июня 2021, 15:39
The administration of the capital's vegan cafe "Raw to Go" considered the ban on visiting restaurants and cafes by those who did not get vaccinated in the city, a violation of constitutional human rights. Cafe will continue to cater those who come without a mask and vaccination, the organization representative said.
Moscow region

One of the cafe visitors asked the administration a question in a comment on an Instagram post. He asked if the cafe would only accept vaccinated people from Monday. To which the administrator replied that this, on their part, would be a violation of the consumer protection law.

"Medicine is a voluntary service in the Russian Federation. Medical experiments on humans are prohibited by the constitution. We have no right to refuse buyers without a mask, because the buyer is protected by the law on consumer protection - an offer agreement. We are waiting for everyone to visit", - the cafe commented.

The newspaper "Podyem" was once again noted in the cafe that the institution operates exclusively within the framework of the law. "Denying service is a violation of the constitution. How can we do that?" - commented in the institution.

It's worth reminding that by the decree of the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, from June 28, only those who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus, have had it in the past six months, or have a negative test for coronavirus will be able to visit restaurants in the city. The restaurateurs believe that this will deprive them of 90% of their visitors, since not enough people have been vaccinated in the city to close the business. Similar restrictions were also introduced in restaurants in the Moscow region.