Posted 6 июля 2021,, 09:23

Published 6 июля 2021,, 09:23

Modified 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Residents of the village of Dzhubga in Kuban are evacuated after flooding

Residents of the village of Dzhubga in Kuban are evacuated after flooding

6 июля 2021, 09:23
Heavy downpours flooded about 150 adjoining territories in the village of Dzhubga, Krasnodar Territory. Rescuers evacuated nearly 90 people.

As reported in the regional Emergencies Ministry, near the village fell to about 170 millimeters of precipitation. Traffic on the federal highway "Dzhubga - Sochi" was limited due to a mudflow (a rapid channel flow from a mixture of water and rock debris) that descended in the area of the village Gezel-Dere. The road was closed in both directions.

In addition, the mudflow descended on the M4 Don highway near the village of Defanovka in the Tuapse region. One lane was blocked. Reverse movement is organized. Rescuers are now eliminating the consequences of the disaster at the site of mudflows.

It's worth reminding that in Sochi over the past day, the monthly precipitation rate fell. Rivers in the city overflowed their banks, several streets were flooded. Dozens of houses were flooded. The authorities have closed local beaches.

Rains fell on Sochi on July 5, July 6 and 7, showers will take place throughout the Krasnodar Territory. An emergency warning was announced in the region, emergency situations were introduced in six districts.