Posted 13 июля 2021, 14:37

Published 13 июля 2021, 14:37

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Who benefits from the myth of the "deep people"

13 июля 2021, 14:37
Алина Витухновская
Russian political life today is an authoritarian state machine, crushing everything around, under the wheels of which moralists-hypocrites demand to lie "beautifully".

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

It is interesting that the flickering phantom called "deep people", if it exists, is not totally, not fatal and not unambiguous. At the same time, the stratum of citizens from 14 to 25 years old is to a large extent the frank, in fact, ideological supporters of the ruling group of comrades. These are people who grew up under the current regime, who have not seen anything but him and who do not really want to see, despite the Internet and the still accessible global world.

Cynics, but not aesthetes, doomed patriots, latent victims, who, in order to endure their sacrificial role, their insignificant statuses, need to merge with the power so as not to experience excruciating anxiety within themselves.

So, all the young and gifted poets, with whom I met recently, declared themselves as supporters of the current government. Those who are older, old people over 30, called themselves liberals, but this, in my immodest opinion, looked very insincere and tense.

The degradation that is taking place in the field of literature and culture, in principle, has affected show business, and glamor, and so languishing under the blows of the neo-socialist trend called body positive.

The scandalous blogger Lena Miro made a dubious compliment to the daughter of a famous chanson singer. "Yes, you are ugly, accept, but talented like Frida Kahlo." And further in the same spirit. This is what life-giving spirituality does! Transforms a lady with a glamorous mind into an idiot preacher. There and further reasoning in the same spirit. They say that talents are not concerned with such nonsense as appearance. And the cherry rotten on the cake (such a cake from sovdetstvo with fat cream roses) - "They will love you the way you are".

In general, degradation is going on in Rossiyushka on all fronts. Even the glamor shrank, warped and fell. In Cannes Lena Lenina in a kokoshnik. Worse - only the sluggish phantom Yavlinsky with his "adherence to principles" and Brezhnev's slowness of speech. Hey, save Russia!

Yavlinsky was never a politician in the full sense of the word, for he never claimed power. A court imitator who was only smart enough to play a liberal and a "decent man" for the enchanted but uncritical democrats and the sixties.

Now his task is not to lose what he has. That is, to preserve the remnants of the former luxury. When you say that by his statement he provokes you not to vote for Yabloko, you do not seem to understand that there are no more elections in the country. And the necessary votes will be drawn for Yavlinsky for good work within the framework of his systemic status.

Sometimes moralism, especially aggressive moralism, is nothing more than an attempt to disguise one's own political inconsistency. Some newly revived political workers demand that the acting politicians conform to the "moral character". Mr. Yavlinsky stigmatizes Navalny, remembering with an unkind word his not very thoughtful political statements. But the problem is that at the moment Alexei Navalny is not an active political player. He is a political prisoner. And this radically changes the context of the statements of the leader of the Yabloko party.

Among other things, I want to point out one important fact. We are again being offered a pseudo-political pseudo-dichotomy, a deliberately losing choice from “bad” and “worst”. And in the process of this forced polarization, a single, integral, rational view is fragmented, spreading over the slippery jelly shores of illusory hopes and unrealizable expectations. What ultimately unites these supposedly confronting parties under the banners of the same systemic swindlers.

The struggle between Yabloko and Lesheviks around the profane "smart voting" lure is itself a profanation of the political. And the intrigues of the "politicians" more and more look like games of "good" and "evil" investigator. Moreover, both investigators are stupid.

Active campaigning for "smart voting" is going on everywhere. Against the background of the existing authoritarian system of power in Russia, the presence in its legislative bodies not only makes no sense, but also carries a purely negative one.

Despite the fact that the agitators, nominees and sympathizers of the "smart voting" position themselves as the opposition, they actually carry out administrative-command, pro-system work. Except for very naive and (or) inexperienced people.

So, on the one hand, we see an authoritarian state machine, crushing everything around, and on the other, moralists-hypocrites who demand to lie beautifully under the wheels, not otherwise.

As for the myth of the "deep people", with which I began this article, it is extremely beneficial both to the authorities and, alas, to a significant stratum of the Russian intelligentsia. Which first proposes the above-described vicious false dichotomies as a choice, and when this choice is reasonably-intuitively rejected, and rejected exactly the opposite, that is, in the form of 146%, they write off these, which have become classical figures, on the age-old folk “denseness”. Which is both mean and counterproductive at the same time.