Posted 13 августа 2021,, 14:22

Published 13 августа 2021,, 14:22

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Flood in the Krasnodar Territory: resorts went under the water again

Flood in the Krasnodar Territory: resorts went under the water again

13 августа 2021, 14:22
Фото: Ирина Мишина / Новые Известия
From the evening of August 12 and on the night of August 13, bad weather raged in five districts of the Kuban. An incessant heavy rainfall for many hours flooded the cities and resort areas. Our special correspondent Irina Mishina reports from the Krasnodar Territory.

Irina Mishina

Friday 13th August has become a black day for many. Low-lying places were flooded so much that it was impossible to go outside.

So, in Yeisk, two sections of roads went under water, 34 yards were flooded, water entered six private houses. Also, water entered the basements of 9 apartment buildings. No people were evacuated.

In Temryuk, water flooded 18 household plots. The evacuation of the population was also not carried out.

Five household plots were flooded in Novorossiysk. Local TV channels report on the pumping out of water, but vacationers did not manage to notice it.

In Anapa, the rain began on Thursday evening and did not stop all night. After a short break from about 10 to 12 days on August 13, it resumed with renewed vigor and turned into an incessant tropical downpour, which even the sea was hidden by a dense gray wall. On the morning of August 13, vacationers moved through the streets knee-deep in water. Parks, sports grounds, cafes - everything was flooded. A storm warning was announced; swimming in the sea is prohibited. At the same time, there is no storm at sea.

In Anapa, water entered private property and even into the basements of apartment buildings. The mayor's office informed us that during the night the resort had a three-month rainfall. The most affected streets were Severnaya, Leningradskaya, Sadovaya, Pionersky Prospekt, as well as the low-lying areas of Vinogradny and Utash. In addition, the central beach in Anapa was washed into the sea . At 13:00 the evacuation of people has not begun, it is reported that the water is pumped out, although we were only able to see how the hotel staff are removing the fences and footbridges in front of the beaches so that the water goes into the sand.

There is practically no storm sewer in the city and in the resort area, so the streets have turned into rivers. The movement of cars on them is difficult and limited. People are asked not to leave their homes.

In Slavyansk-on-Kuban, 40 plots of private houses were flooded, including water entered 11 houses. The evacuation of the population was not carried out. The local Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reports that more than 600 people and 224 pieces of equipment were involved in the elimination of the flood. However, at this hour, all work has been stopped due to the fact that the heavy downpour has resumed.

Additional rescue forces have been sent to Anapa and the Temryuk district. Recall that in the Krasnodar Territory, as well as throughout the Southern Federal District, until August 14, a storm warning is in effect for heavy downpours with thunderstorms, hail and squall winds up to 24 meters per second. As the Kuban forecasters specified, the southern regions and the coast will bear the brunt of the disaster.