Posted 19 августа 2021,, 12:14

Published 19 августа 2021,, 12:14

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Mikhail Krutikhin: "109 verses in the Koran call for a decisive battle with the infidels..."

Mikhail Krutikhin: "109 verses in the Koran call for a decisive battle with the infidels..."

19 августа 2021, 12:14
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A well-known analyst cited two reasons why civilized countries should not relax in the face of the Islamic threat.

A well-known Russian analyst, an orientalist by education, who has worked in Iran for a long time, Mikhail Krutikhin absolutely unequivocally warns in his blog that nothing good should be expected from Islamists of any kind. And he cites two convincing examples to prove his predictions.

First, according to Krutikhin, one should not forget about one important feature of all radical Islamic movements, be it the Taliban or Al-Qaeda, or ISIS (terrorist organizations banned in Russia). “This is the vagueness, and sometimes the absence of hierarchy with the unity of ideology, political goals and methods. A couple of Muslims or even one Muslim in any country can take action without any connection with the "commanders" or any "center". And they consider themselves to be participants in the global radical Muslim movement.

Let me emphasize: in any country. Without outside guidance. It is enough to read the Koran. This is already happening in Europe and other parts of the world, and large Muslim communities are the substrate for the emergence of militant radical groups. Looking forward to the French Taliban in the future?"

And secondly, and most importantly, Krutikhin cites several quotes from the Koran that convincingly demonstrate what Islamic principles the Taliban should be guided by, since they are taking fundamental positions: “In the end, 109 verses in the Koran call for a decisive battle with the infidels.

“And fight with them until there is temptation, and all religion belongs to Allah” (8:39).

"Fight with those who do not believe in Allah and on the last day, do not prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and do not obey the true religion - of those to whom the scripture has been sent down, until they pay off with their own hand, being humiliated." (9:29).

That is, the political goal and duty of every Muslim is to ensure that Islam spread throughout the world. And for non-Muslims, there are three options: to accept Islam, to pay the ransom in a humiliated state, or to be destroyed.

And yet, about tolerance and religious tolerance in Islam:

“Believers should not take unbelievers as friends” (3:28).

“Oh you who have believed! Do not take Jews and Christians as friends, they are friends only to each other "(5:51)..."

If this is so, then it becomes quite clear that the Taliban by their actions are actually taking the entire civilized world hostage. Including, by the way, those numerous Muslims who do not want to fight the "infidels" at all costs.