Posted 20 августа 2021, 15:00

Published 20 августа 2021, 15:00

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We are Russians, what kind of an East!

20 августа 2021, 15:00
Алина Витухновская
Beat your own so that strangers are afraid. Everything happens here according to this principle. It is easy to get into today's political prisoners from yesterday's systemic auditors (what else is the “fight against corruption” - if not optimizing the system?). In principle, many were caught.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

The fight against corruption under a dictatorship is optimization of management. When the owners of the golden toilet bowls are forced to give them to the "winners" of this wild Asian game - their more fortunate fellow tribesmen.

The dictatorship of the "new twenties" actually reproduces the 1930s of the last century, when the flywheel of the internal party purges after the assassination of Kirov triggered large-scale repressions. Only instead of "killing Kirov" we have the murder of an entire country. You, you are the one who is killing Russia. You are not only the authorities, but also twilight-hysterical agitators for "smart voting", spies for deputy, only prolonging the agony of the system.

The Russian dictatorship - 2021 is interesting in that, methodologically repeating the previous constructs, it does not have the necessary margin of safety and can collapse at any moment.

Of course, Alexei Navalny is currently a political prisoner and should be released immediately. But this does not mean that I accept Navalny as the only and uncontested political leader. Not to mention the fact that even while in dungeons, he continues to play for the system, campaigning for participation in the elections.

Maxim Katz also appeared in the sluggish political scam “Smart Vote”. It would seem, what other touch were you missing? The dictatorship consists not only of prisons and terror, the dictatorship is deeply implicated in the vicious connection of swindlers and gullible victims - the electorate, which, through a monstrous misunderstanding, imagines itself to be a civil society. Not this time, not this time.

For example, the deputy Bryukhanov. Candidate from Katz! This is already a sentence. I read about her, watched the video. She has a purely post-Soviet commercial dialect. Putting in an unnecessary thing. That is, yourself. She should sell vacuum cleaners!

Katz plays on the side of the dictatorship. Although my opinion on these elections is that they are already meaningless in principle. Nevertheless ... Any adequate person between Bryukhanova and Litvinovich, whom she opposes, would choose Litvinovich. Some people who look like system spoilers are climbing into the niche that has been freed from Navalny. Although not necessarily so.

I want to repeat once again - in the conditions of a dictatorship, no parliamentarianism works from the word “in general”. Neither the legislative nor the judiciary is needed under a dictatorship; they are a single organism to meet the needs of the dictatorship itself.

Now many criticize Biden's America and there is a reason. But at the moment she has performed an unprecedented historical act. The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is not a spineless pacifist initiative, as it might seem at first glance.

First of all, this is the optimization of their military expenditures in favor of civil society. Secondly, it is a geopolitical trap for greedy and reckless imperial-ambitious sworn partners in the form of two global dictatorships - Chinese and Russian.

Politician Daniil Konstantinov, a permanent member of the Free Russia Forum, writes:

“Many of our Russian viewers can laugh at the comparison of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) and Russian authoritarianism. But, if you think about it, there is not so much distance between the ban on going out without a hijab and, for example, the ban on discussing Alexander Nevsky. Or, say, another interesting ban was introduced by the Taliban. They said they would preserve freedom of speech in the media, minus criticism of Islamic values as they understand them.

What is happening now in Afghanistan again raises the old question: what should the civilized world do with the societies that want to live in the archaic? Even if not all of society wants this, but its significant and most aggressive part, which the rest of society has no strength to resist.

Should the conditional West again intervene in the course of events, throwing all its military might to suppress the endlessly reincarnating ISIL-TALIBAN (terrorist organizations banned on the territory of Russia)? And should he remain in the occupied territory after the military victory, patiently cultivating humanistic ideals and democratic institutions among the population under his care? And won't this be a return to the bad old (or is it still good?) Policy of colonialism? "

We already live in a world of political jungle. Undoubtedly, human rights are more important than the rights of peoples. Another thing is who is interested in observing them? If “Afghanistan” is replaced by “Russia”, in essence nothing will change.

At the moment, the territory of Russia is a territory where the practice of ignoring any rights has been fully worked out. And if any cannibalistic tribe has a set of laws and rules that are observed, in Russia there are no laws at all. This is a territory of lawlessness.

So what's ahead of us? The failure of the “smart vote” that the Lesheviks have been talking about for so long. And picking rotten apples. Strengthening Islamist sentiment. Inspired by the example of the Taliban (a terrorist organization banned on Russian soil), armed Islamist groups within Russia, heavily inspired by the intelligence services, will raise their heads to provide stars for the security forces.

The schizophrenic dualistic politics, where the Russian authorities are happy to see the Afghan Taliban (a terrorist organization banned on Russian territory) as their outpost in the Middle East in opposition to the United States, at the same time will feverishly figure out how to defend their southern borders if their yesterday's Byzantine dodgy ally take and thrust a dagger just below the back.

In any case, what is happening plays into the hands of the power component of power. However, such games are fraught with economic and strategic exhaustion. In general, we are Russians, what an East!