Posted 1 сентября 2021,, 16:42

Published 1 сентября 2021,, 16:42

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It's foolish to talk about the future without possessing a present

1 сентября 2021, 16:42
Алина Витухновская
The other day, the vocalist of the Rammstein group Till Lindemann, who at one time refused to comment on the case of Andrei Borovikov, who received 2.5 years in prison for posting the Rammstein video "Pussy" on the network, was raided by the security forces.

The comic nature of the situation also lies in the fact that Till came to support Rogozin's party.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

The sphere of mass culture, among other things, is also an indicator of the state of the whole society. No matter how they treat her. If the pop entertainer Lindemann travels around the cities and towns of Russia as part of the election campaign, then why wonder the West as a whole, which, continuing to serve totalitarian regimes financially, that is, exchanging money for raw materials, inevitably decomposes under the influence of corruption in less developed countries ...

As for the fight against corruption, it is not an effective political method. Moreover, it is not a political topic at all! For example, Alexei Navalny is trying to carry out an internal Russian system audit, and in his last article, he completely aimed at correcting the Western civilization itself. But the problem is that corruption, alas, has already been spelled out as a component of a single scheme of West-Russia interaction.

I in no way want to impart any irreversible fatality to the current situation. The West, as a priori a better quality space, was created on the principles of liberalism and free competition (fair play), because quality is born only in free competition. When liberal power is established in Russia, the West will also adjust relations in favor of more stable and mutually beneficial ones.

Meanwhile, Vladislav Inozemtsev sang almost a systemic ode, I quote:

“There have been many personalist regimes in the world, created by one person. And this person, in our case the President, has been shuffling his associates like a deck of cards for several generations. Accordingly, no one in Russia, except the President, today has a serious political subjectivity. "

I absolutely agree that over the past year the situation has become hopeless, primarily due to the mediocre actions of the FBK and the transformation of autocracy into a dictatorship. But I do not agree that the current regime is personalistic. I believe that the formal head of state is nothing more than the gray speaker of the “black politburo”. It is not that he lacks "political subjectivity." He has no real power. This is nothing more than a symbol behind which these or those clans stand.

Inozemtsev also advises not to wait for "black swans". But it is in the chaos and uncertainty (the situation where we are) that the emergence of "black swans" is more than likely. What is a Black Swan? This is the real political subject in the new post-informational world. All the rest are simulacra and service personnel.

Against the background of the narrowing of the political field, its falling into negativism and depression, the antics of Russian showbiz stars look especially wild. Truly, the last days of Pompeii! A certain lady of dubious role by the name of Elena Blinovskaya, who trades in "psychoanalysis for the poor", in the common people - coaching, celebrated her birthday with standards unprecedented by the standards of today's impoverished Russia.

The event allegedly spent more than 100 million rubles (an amount that is hard to believe, but which is being discussed in social networks and the media). Having pretty much taken on the chest, the hero of the occasion, in an orderly tone, ordered the hosts of the evening - Urgant and Sobchak - to "kiss passionately." Soviet and post-Soviet people, who imagine themselves to be the elite, but in reality are slaves who have seized money, behave like the wild landowners from the movies they watched in childhood. By the way, it is not a fact that the declared amount was really spent, and did not become a kind of scandalous advertisement for the services of all participants in this enchanting feast during the plague.

According to official statistics, over the past month, the coronavirus infection has claimed the lives of more than 20 thousand Russians. What will happen in September and is already happening now. Active travelers, who do not disdain Crimea either, will bring home new strains. And then they will rush to shops and markets. It is worth noting, not observing any precautions at all.

Children, these little hostages of irresponsible adults, are exposed even before school. Not to mention the school itself, where, for recent reasons of Rospotrebnadzor, there are no requirements for teachers to wear masks. In fact, from the beginning of the school season to a single voting day, another incubation period will take place, which will combine the two peaks of the disease into one steep fatal "plateau".

Under these conditions, the authorities could postpone the date of the elections to a later date in order to avoid this vicious and disastrous merger. But she will hysterically and convulsively try to confirm her fictitious legitimacy, while once again emphasizing her cynicism and inhumanity. Save your lives and the lives of your loved ones by boycotting this farce!

Russia is, as it were, under some kind of cellophane hood, under a greenhouse of timelessness, inside which even a faint breeze no longer blows. People are slow, snail, not real, as if from shabby Soviet posters, flying around in pseudo-glamorous fluff, like butterflies from which pollen was blown off, like dandelions bent in hell.

And in this slow motion movie there will suddenly appear agitationally provoked reflections, such as pride in "victory", but all this is one-day, one-time. The essences are blurring, even if they have twisted their three-fold "Hurray" into Levitan's oblivion. And then they will shut up. As if they remember something. And ask them what is the millennium in the yard now? What year? Or "What did you eat for lunch"? So they will not answer. Total achony against the background of the approach of understanding by the mass unconscious of time as an artificial construct spinning inside clockwork biorobots in a countdown mode.

Separately, I would like to note the profanity of the theme of the "future" in dystopias in principle and in Pelevin's new novel in particular. We can no longer talk about the future because we do not even have the present.