Posted 21 сентября 2021,, 12:10

Published 21 сентября 2021,, 12:10

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:36

Surrounded by the enemies: Patrushev gave an assessment of the political situation

21 сентября 2021, 12:10
According to the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, the opponents of our country are strengthening their military-political presence both on its western and eastern borders.

The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev gave a lengthy interview to Argumenty i Fakty ("AiF") newspaper, in which he formulated several things that are important for understanding where Russia will go next. Here are some of the most curious points from the responses of a high-ranking Russian official:

* After the US fiasco in Afghanistan, conditions are being created for a migration crisis even worse than in 2015.

Afghanistan has become a litmus test, once again confirming that there are no friends in the world for Washington, but only its own selfish interests. After spending trillions of dollars on military operations, the United States and its allies left chaos and destruction everywhere. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, now Ukraine, and even earlier Yugoslavia, dozens of Asian, African, Latin American states - all these are examples of the destructive American strategy of global domination.

▪️ The QUAD Alliance (USA, India, Australia and Japan) is the "prototype of NATO's Asian counterpart", mainly for anti-Chinese and anti-Russian policies

For the sake of realizing the next adventure of the White House for the sake of strengthening control over such a promising region as the APR today, the entire security architecture in Asia is under attack, prerequisites are being created for undermining the authority of ASEAN and other regional associations.

▪️ American “Three Seas Initiative” (includes almost all of Eastern Europe) - revival of the idea of a “cordon sanitaire” on the western border of Russia.

It is presented as a constructive integration format, but in reality we are talking about a new anti-Russian union of states. In fact, this is a revival of the idea of a century ago on the creation of a so-called "cordon sanitaire" along the western border of our country.

▪️ London wants to build its empire under the new guise of "global Britain" using old methods.

However, before taking on the revival of the former imperial greatness, the British would do well to deal with the problems at home. A significant number of people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland still do not consider themselves British. The British drove the Scots into the mountains for centuries, the Welsh were used as cheap labor, the Irish were taken out to work in the colonies as slaves. For centuries these peoples have faced no less neglect than the Africans and Asians conquered by England.

▪️ The United States is the main instigators of chaos in the world and together with its allies must be responsible, including compensation, for undermining stability in different states.

Moreover, every next geopolitical experiment of Washington not only suffers a separate state and its people, but also triggers a chain reaction that destabilizes entire regions, including the West itself.

But in each of its next draft laws, Washington cynically calls Russia, China, Iran and a number of other states "bad" countries, troublemakers, revanchists, and malicious players.

▪️ The United States behaves like all crumbling empires - amid growing internal problems, but its actions in the world are becoming more aggressive and unpredictable in order to divert attention from internal turmoil.

The authorities of the United States and Western states in general are aware that their ability to influence the global situation and maintain their hegemony is decreasing every year. Internal problems in the West are rapidly accumulating and are already close to critical mass. This was especially evident in the United States last year with the storming of the Capitol and the internally inspired racial protests that escalated into real street fighting.

It is increasingly difficult for Americans and their allies to dictate their will to the world. But this does not mean that they will abandon such an imperial strategy.