Posted 1 октября 2021, 07:07

Published 1 октября 2021, 07:07

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Oil products spilled over an area of 10 thousand square meters in the Sakhalin bay

1 октября 2021, 07:07
During the sawing of an old ship in the closed bay of Korsakov in the Aniva Bay on Sakhalin, oil products leaked into the open sea. The spill area is estimated at 10 thousand square meters.

The regional government clarified that now the work on sawing the ship has been suspended, and no further leakage of oil products is observed. A group of specialists from the Sakhalin branch of the Marine Rescue Service arrived at the scene and started to clean up the spill. Also, experts will check for new foci of pollution.

It's worth to note that in early September, an oil spill occurred in the port of the city of Nevelsk, Sakhalin Oblast. Ecologists pointed out that it could cause serious damage to motley seals, sea lions and other animals living off the shores of the Tatar Strait.