Posted 4 октября 2021,, 15:07

Published 4 октября 2021,, 15:07

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Russia as a country of repressive psychoses

4 октября 2021, 15:07
Алина Витухновская
Post-Soviet figures of post-Soviet culture, a significant part of them are typical passive aggressors. Plus, this is a wounded feeling of absolute non-competitiveness against the background of world art.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

That is why this samsaric doom is present in Russia, that is why, outside the window, instead of the 21st century, there is a dull Soviet landscape. And not even because a dictatorship has been established in the country. But because most people like it. This uncompetitive space is the only one in the world where these mediocrities from culture can feel significant. The desire to savor the themes of repression, about Stalin, etc., arises because they have a masochistic passion for this. Well, because about Stalin it is possible, but about the current rulers - it is impossible.

Director Alexey German Jr. spoke about one of the best Russian film critics - Zinaida P. He wrote literally the following:

"It would be great if some famous critic beat Zinaida P. because of our film. There would be an informational occasion, someone would go to the cinema".

Calling it just an unsuccessful HYIP does not dare. The director thinks like pro-government activists, titushki, who are ready to beat anyone at protest rallies. As part of the Soviet intelligentsia was flesh of the flesh of the Soviet regime, so now it is flesh of the flesh of the current government.

Zinaida P. answered German Jr. with sizzling irony:

“Listen, Aleksey Alekseyevich German, when I compared your picture “Delo” with the program “Yeshchenepozner”, I was ironic. When you call on TV to beat me up, you are breaking the law. You see, Alexey Alekseevich, besides your films there are good ones".

Alexey German Jr. is hyping very badly, but Morgenstern does it just wonderfully, one might say, professionally. It is interesting that there are those who feel sorry for Morgenstern, they say, "the child got into circulation", they use it. Yes, he understands that he is being used. And he uses others. As a result, he gets what he wants - money and success. But in Russia it is believed that this should not be wanted seriously, that this is an imaginary and not a genuine desire. Psychologists even invent and sell us our "real" motivations. Vera Polozkova to help you. She says that when you are 20 you want fame, and then, no, everything, "only peace of mind." Do you not notice how all this fits well with the old-fashioned domestic “Russian people don’t need money”? No? And I notice.

In general, it is strange to believe that a person at the age of 20 does not know what he wants and does not realize what he is doing. I was 22 years old and during my trial, they just didn’t tell me. And that I'm being used. (Yes, let it! These are the rules of the game.) And that glory is fleeting and worthless. (No and worth it). And that freedom is better than non-freedom. (Otherwise I didn’t know. I also knew that you don’t have freedom here).

They did not understand why they had to go to jail for the second time in order to “be a hero”. I want to! People do what they are identical with. In accordance with your (and not your) hierarchy of values. People are different. No "common man" exists. Anthropocentrism will hold it together at the seams. And a "common man" at all!

Technologically and politically, humanity has exhausted its development potential. At least at one of its stages. Globalism, which actually came to Earth, did not bring the expected bonuses: the population is growing much faster than its standard of living. Fossil resources are rapidly dwindling. On the one hand, poverty, spirituality, space (an analogue of "God out of the car" for the new poor) and body positivity are imposed on us. On the other hand, they openly demonstrate the well-being of a handful of people engaged in propaganda of pseudo-progress (Musk, Bezos, Branson).

It would be logical to change the agenda, because this one has exhausted itself. What the hell is space when you can't beat the pandemic and global poverty? But changing the agenda means a new redistribution of property, political and cultural influence. Therefore, the world is now stuck monstrously. And Russia, as a dark engine of regression, is already at its very bottom.

The panic that has been instigated in recent days in all opposition environments was most likely inspired by the special services. And further it was supported by the oppositionists themselves in the process of induced madness. There is no need for urgent unification of all with all. However, such a merger will greatly simplify the work of the special services themselves. It seems that all this was being prepared for a new trial against FBK / Anti-Corruption foundation (an organization banned in Russia - editor's note).

However, any repressive measures against the FBK / Anti-Corruption foundation (Organization Banned in Russia - editor's note). And Alexei Navalny have as their ultimate goal not only the erasure of the entire opposition from the political field, but also (first of all) the legalization and approval of Alexey Navalny as the only representative of the Russian opposition for the West. Which can be fatal for the entire civil society, because Alexei Navalny does not in fact represent its interests and is a usurper of the opposition movement. “Extremist” articles should be abolished in any case. Alexei Navalny must be released.

And I, of course, do not understand this truly childish joy of those who have been “gifted” with the status of “foreign agent”. You can, of course, play Soviet dissidents. But dissidence at the moment is not a political tactic at all. The status of a foreign agent is a defeat in rights, a limitation of the possibilities of action. Not a “quality mark”, but a symbol of the fact that at the given political moment you are losing.

Meanwhile, the communists, represented by Zyuganov, refused to be the vanguard of the Lesheviks' protest... Well, not surprising. It is only necessary in the future to call “smart voting” autochthonous or systemic. "System-autochthonous" voting. Ritual Number... It seems to be for a long time.