Posted 21 октября 2021,, 10:07

Published 21 октября 2021,, 10:07

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Updated 24 декабря 2022,, 22:37

Non-working days introduced in Moscow ahead of schedule and lockdown announced

Non-working days introduced in Moscow ahead of schedule and lockdown announced

21 октября 2021, 10:07
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the introduction of non-working days in the capital ahead of schedule - not from October 30, as Russian President Vladimir Putin had indicated the day before, but from October 28.

The unscheduled weekend will last, as expected, until November 7.

In addition, the holidays in the capital's schools will also begin earlier - from October 28.

"On non-working days in Moscow, the work of all enterprises should be stopped, with the exception of those ensuring the functioning of the infrastructure", - said the mayor.

Shops will be closed during this period, and restaurants will only be open for take-out. The city is also introducing a QR-code system for visiting theaters and museums. From November 8, it will be necessary to present QR codes for attending concerts, entertainment, cultural, entertainment, sports and other events with the simultaneous presence of more than 500 people

Free travel on public transport in Moscow for unvaccinated and non-vaccinated people over 60 years old will be suspended.

It's worth reminding that a number of new restrictions were introduced earlier in the capital. Now Muscovites over 60 years old and with chronic diseases will have to go to the "home regime". According to the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Affairs Anastasia Rakova, 1.9 million elderly residents of the Russian capital may go to the "home regime" in connection with the situation with the coronavirus.