Posted 15 ноября 2021,, 16:27

Published 15 ноября 2021,, 16:27

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Dr. Borovskikh urged to answer: what kind of "patterns" are drawn over our heads?

Dr. Borovskikh urged to answer: what kind of "patterns" are drawn over our heads?

15 ноября 2021, 16:27
A psychotherapist from Yekaterinburg Vyacheslav Borovskikh, the author of the method of morally-oriented psychotherapy and director of one of the centers for overcoming addictions, posted a video on his YouTube channel, which has more than 14 million views, where he asks about what is happening in the sky.

“Maybe someone can explain what's going on? Someone knows what it is”, - the doctor said, after which he demonstrated a short video showing how a certain aircraft, leaving large white stripes, one after another, “draws” circles in the sky.

“Comes one more circle, look. Recently, such a video was from Nizhny Novgorod, he went through the whole city like this. Look, the circle is still making”, - the authors of the video comment on what is happening.

“The people are worried. The people are beginning to worry. The people are afraid for their health and think that something nasty is falling on their heads from the sky. Let someone dissuade us from this. Let there be specialists, maybe pilots, who perform such maneuvers, record a video and explain to the people what is happening. It is very interesting for us to know”, - said Dr. Borovskikh.

The video has already been watched by more than 130 thousand people and left almost three thousand comments.

People from different regions of Russia and from abroad say that they see the same thing in their settlements.

Almost all commentators are sure: these are chemtrails with particles harmful to health. Many are convinced that this is how the coronavirus is sprayed. Only two or three people wrote that it was a "contrail from an airplane" or that "they dump fuel this way".

- Where are the parliamentary inquiries on this topic to the authorities, followed by an explanation to the people ???

- I live in a village in the Tyumen region, I have not observed such circular flights, but the stripes are very often, a few days ago there was clear weather and during the day 4 planes flew in parallel at once, then these 4 stripes spread out, and after a while they turned pink. In general, these stripes are often colored pink. In the summer, these stripes were almost every day.

- Yes, yes, let these very good pilots tell us what they are doing there. Personally, quite recently I saw only very wide stripes in the south of Moscow. What the hell is this?

- There are very strange traces over our city in the Bryansk region too!!!!!! I used to have little faith in chemtrails, but now, after all that is happening, I understand that they can poison not only food, medicine... but also pour it right on the head.

- Germany. The sky every other day and every day in the box. Then these stripes spread out and turn into clouds. They have nothing to do with the contrail. Pollinate intensively. And they began to fly more often at night. In the morning everything is already outlined. And I think this is not an endless and touching concern for our health.

- We came as a family to relax on the beach and I completely filmed what was happening. At first it was interesting and even beautiful, and then suddenly I thought, what if it's not just that. Crimea. Yurkino. Kerch.

- And here, not all around, but with cells they are stitching the sky, up and down. It turns out cells, then it spreads out, merges into a continuous curtain and hangs for a very long time, the wind does not disperse it, the clouds float, but this layer remains in place

- There are a lot of videos, in Biysk such a story was on the news, but YouTube is blocking the sound !!! Also in Altai, a plane was filmed, clearly spraying something over the school in circles.

- Coronovirus is separate, yes, we need immunity, and chemical abuse requires only one thing from us - to survive. Survive despite being bullied. Despite the fact that they are forced to be not free, but dependent. Despite the fact that you are looking for work every day, because you need to feed and dress and shoe the children.

- Even if they explain, they still won't tell the truth! I think that this is definitely not done out of great concern for the people! Someone said that the time will come when the living will envy the dead!

- Those on ... Just noticed ... Yes, how about two years, how such a procedure takes place almost every day, how this crown began. The question is ... Why, do people in spacesuits, spray everywhere, something? After all, people then breathe this without spacesuits. This begs a very bad answer.

The entire video by Vyacheslav Borovskikh can be viewed here.