Posted 15 ноября 2021, 11:33

Published 15 ноября 2021, 11:33

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How many steps takes the path from the cradle to the revolution

15 ноября 2021, 11:33
Алина Витухновская
On the one hand, the idea of compulsory vaccination of 60+ citizens is aimed at protecting this category of the population. But in fact, it can destroy the pro-government electorate both physically and politically.

Alina Vitukhnovskaya, writer

On the other hand, as we know from the sad experience of recent years, any election result will be fabricated, and the media will give the desired picture. Therefore, we can say that we are dealing with a banal utilization of the population. But since no one wants to die voluntarily, pensioners can become one of the vanguard of the protest movement.

Unconsciously, the power undermines itself, literally crap in its cradle (revolution). This is a kind of historical recursion. Choosing St. Petersburg as a test site for compulsory vaccination is a fatal step. And in terms of the scope of its madness, it is comparable only to the events in the movie Raccoon City. The revolution. Blockade. Moreover, both situations were initiated by the Bolsheviks themselves. Now - vaccination.

The saddest thing is that today, on a global scale, no one will be responsible for what is happening, namely, for the illness and death of millions of people. The lack of will of modern politicians, covered by aloof diplomacy, will become the basis for the very “bad peace”, which is supposedly better than the “good war”.

I am by no means a supporter of international conflicts, let alone armed ones. But there are other ways how to bring to justice the real culprits of the pandemic and its devastating consequences.

To begin with, it is necessary to create an international commission to establish the causes and circumstances of the incident, to identify those responsible and guilty, as well as to determine the amount of compensation to all affected parties.

The network publicistic public "Ostrog" writes:

“We are asked why, in conversations with acquaintances, comrades, and colleagues, serious aggression directed against the so-called“ anti-axers ”- people who do not want to be vaccinated against covid - emerges more and more often.

This is partly the result of state propaganda, accusing them of having relations with the Devil, crossed out in the poisoning of wells, crossed out in pointing the Pechenegs and Polovtsians to Russia, crossed out in the spread of the pandemic - but only partially.

The fact is that Russian culture has retained its dualistic, Manichean character, which was also characteristic of European culture during the times of the Religious Wars.

When a person accepts the Holy Gifts crossed out inoculation - but nevertheless the situation around him obviously worsens - then if he is a dualist, he immediately begins to look for the guilty. And since for the Manichean there are no half-tones and there is no doubt, and the whole world is the arena of the struggle between Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, so it becomes absolutely clear to the vaccinated Manichean that the forces of Evil are represented by those who dared to reject the Holy Gifts - in the unvaccinated. These protestants instigated by the Devil against the established world order are guilty of everything, it is their thin devils muddy the water in the pond, Churchill invented it all in the eighteenth year.

The state happily supports and directs the aggression of the Manichaeans, hoping to force the Huguenots to return to the Catholic fold. Such irresponsible behavior of the state in France turned into St. Bartholomew's Night. However, the bloody Religious Wars that had died down had weaned the West from dualistic thinking, while in Russia there was no experience of the Reformation and Religious Wars. For now".

In connection with Dostoevsky's jubilee, tortured reflections began on this author. It looks like the literary-centered logocratic satrapy is bursting at the seams. Personally, I feel Dostoevsky as an actual writer not even 100 years ago, but all 500 years ago. This is from the point of view of modern civilization. In Russia, however, they always return to the "origins", albeit pretty dirty. Especially when there is a need to fall into the next moralizing tablets against the background of an approaching real danger, a social apocalypse.

The passion for Dostoyevsky reflections is deeply mixed with the desire to look good, blaming others. Therefore, now pop-psychological profane gatherings have become relevant, where, for example, everyone, having gathered, scolds "daffodils" in chorus (as an option, you can replace it with something else). One question arises - if everyone around me is so good, practically saints, what is happening to the country now? Who created this authoritarian, wild, cruel Russia? Not you? Of course, “others” are narcissists, psychopaths, aliens, in a word. So you have created!

And the closure of the Memorial Human Rights Center, recognized by a foreign agent, became the apogee of a conservative revenge, a reaction, an unbridled demonstrative trick of the self-appointed owners of the red barrack.

In the 90s, people, inspired by freedom, which they received practically for nothing, unfortunately, missed one most important moment - history as a chronicle of mistakes needs a legal fixation of the crimes of the past. No all-forgiving morality will cover them, but on the contrary, with its good intentions, it will only create the basis for shameful repetitions of what must be remembered, but certainly not going through again.

The crimes of the red regime must and will be recorded throughout the entire period of historical time - from October 1917 to the present moment. Only the inevitability of punishment can help overcome the colossal historical inertia.