Posted 15 ноября 2021, 11:27

Published 15 ноября 2021, 11:27

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State Department: Lukashenko distracts attention from Russia's actions on the border with Ukraine

15 ноября 2021, 11:27
The migration crisis provoked by the Belarusian authorities on the border with Poland is Lukashenko's "distraction" designed to divert the attention of the West from Russia's actions on the border with Ukraine, according to the State Department.

The corresponding statement by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, made in a conversation with Polish Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau, is quoted by the press service of the US State Department.

The State Department believes that the Lukashenko regime is engaged in "cynical exploitation of vulnerable migrants."

According to Blinken, such a policy of the Lukashenko regime "threatens security, sows division and is aimed at diverting attention from Russia's activities on the border with Ukraine".

As noted by the TV channel "Dozhd" *, in response to Lukashenka's demands to lift Western sanctions against Belarus, Washington and Warsaw called on Lukashenko "to eliminate the main reasons for the sanctions imposed by the West". Among them, in the USA and Poland, they include “denial of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the Belarusian people”.

The US is convinced that the real goal of the migration crisis is to create an information cover for the situation with the advancement of Russian troops to the border with Ukraine. The United States is seriously concerned about a repeat of the 2014 military events.

The massive redeployment of Russian troops towards the Ukrainian border was reported by the American media, which published satellite images showing the movement of military and equipment.

Representatives of the Kremlin called the information about the maneuvers near the Ukrainian border "low-quality stuffing". Meanwhile, on November 14, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy announced the presence of nearly 100,000 Russian troops near his country's border.

The migration crisis on the border of Belarus and the EU countries has exacerbated against the background of the opening of the "green corridor" by Minsk for migrants from the Middle East. Economic refugees from Iraq, Syria and other countries arrive en masse in Minsk on tourist visas, and then head towards the border with the EU, hoping to get through Poland and Latvia to "well-fed Germany". The European Union is concerned about the invasion of aggressive illegal migrants who are trying to storm the border by force and declare the need to introduce NATO troops to protect the EU borders from the illegal army.

* included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of foreign media agents.